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A 23-year-old British landscape gardener spent five months fighting ISIS in Syria - here's his story


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Elon Musk spent $1 billion developing SpaceX's reusable rockets - here's how fast he could recoup it all


A Japanese gymnast reportedly spent $5,000 on Pokemon Go at the Olympics
One of America's biggest gunmakers spent its earnings call bashing Hillary Clinton and said it plans to donate millions to the NRA
Elon Musk's grandparents were adventuring pilots who spent years looking for a lost city in the desert


Stephen Curry spent a summer in high school changing his shooting form to become the NBA's greatest shooter


A photographer spent a year documenting 30-year-olds around the world - here's what he found


Nikesh Arora, right after quitting SoftBank, spent all his time replying to Tweets, fending off the curious media


We spent 3 nights in the NYC underbelly with a crime reporter to see how safe the 'safest big city' in the US really is


I spent a week using Gett, and I still think Uber will destroy its competitors despite that $300 million investment
Donald Trump spent much of a big rally thrashing Republican rivals who no longer threaten him
I spent a day at a Costa Rican sloth sanctuary, and it was one of the most magical moments of my life


Why billionaire Steve Ballmer spent $10 million to build a free - and strangely patriotic - website


Marshawn Lynch shot down a rumor that he's never spent his NFL earnings, but had a powerful explanation for being financially savvy
This startup spent the last 9 years bucking the conventional wisdom - now it looks super smart


Nestle just spent up to $500 million on a major step to fix its reputation
Google spent at least $1.1 billion on self-driving cars before it became Waymo


The Atlanta Braves spent $20 million on the two oldest starting pitchers in baseball, and it's actually a smart move


Govt has spent 80% of Ganga 'clean-up' budget, but where are the results?
This traveler spent 5 days hitchhiking through a frozen conflict zone in Eastern Europe - here's what his trip was like


BYRON WIEN: I spent all summer meeting with rich people and no one was excited about anything
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Justice Alito spent 50 pages railing against UT's affirmative action policy - these are his main points


Trump spent longer on the phone with Piers Morgan than he did with Theresa May


Seven undercover inmates spent 2 months in jail - here are the most outrageous things they witnessed
Tech City UK spent nearly £500,000 on PR, comms, and consultancy in 2 years


Pfizer spent $14 billion on a company with just one approved drug - here's why that's a game-changer


UNDERCOVER IN AN IPHONE FACTORY: What it's really like to work in a Chinese mega-factory, according to a student who spent six weeks there


The CEO of an $18 billion software company says Harry Reid once spent a meeting reading him Dr. Seuss


Lawsuit alleges Coke spent billions of dollars deceiving customers on the health risks of sugary drinks
How the 'rich kids of London' spent their Christmas holidays


Verizon insiders describe the fight to save go90, the video service that has spent $200+ million trying to catch the eye of millennials


IN PICS: This is how Satya Nadella spent Day 1 of his 5-day trip in India


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We spent a day with THAAD, the world's most advanced missile system that has North Korea spooked


Britney Spears reportedly spent nearly $30,000 on her dogs last year - and she's not the only celeb dropping bank


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One chart shows why Walmart just spent $3 billion to take on Amazon
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How to be a better speaker, according to a coach who's spent nearly 20 years helping high-powered execs, TED presenters, and news anchors


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How the writer of 'Arrival' spent a decade getting his sci-fi Oscar contender made


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Here's how much money people have spent trying to force a Brexit
The US military spent $10 million in the '50s trying to develop this bizarre-looking hovercraft


Facebook: Russia spent $100k on US election ads


I spent 2 days at a marijuana business conference - here's how I know the industry is growing up


Walmart spent $2.7 billion fixing a huge mistake


A marketing executive reveals that the industry has spent too much money on social media stars


Michael Phelps spent his first day of retirement in a pool with his son Boomer


Manning 'should not have spent a single day in prison' - Greenwald
People in the US and Canada spent over $53 billion on marijuana in 2016


McDonald's spent millions fixing an infamous part of its business - and it's the best decision in years


A radical theory in physics could solve the mystery that Einstein spent his entire life trying to answer
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I've spent the last 3 months recommending the same book to everyone I speak with - and I'm convinced anyone can use its insights


CIA officer who interviewed Saddam Hussein reveals the bizarre way the dictator spent his last days in power


Salesforce reveals it spent $75 million on the three startups it bought last quarter


Larry Page has secretly spent $100 million building flying cars - here is a patent diagram of one
DIAGRAMS! The flying cars Google's cofounder has spent $100 million building


A woman who's spent over a decade in HR shares the perfect answer to an interview question about past mistakes


An Ivy League professor who spent 4 months working in a South Bronx check-cashing store says we're getting it all wrong


We spent a day with Chelsea Handler on the set of her Netflix talk show - here's your behind-the-scenes look


The US Air Force spent $387,000 to make the lobby outside a 3-star general's office look nice


State-run oil firms spent one trillion rupees last fiscal


Tourists spent night in water after boat sank


Amazon just spent $13.7 billion to prove once again that it's the most dangerous company in tech


I spent 2 months working with a career coach and realized the most important kind of work can seem like a waste of time


The University of Texas has spent nearly $54 million on football coaches in three years
DeMar DeRozan spent the offseason honing one of the NBA's most antiquated shots into a $140 million weapon


I spent 12 hours at a hospital in the heart of Brooklyn - and saw what the future of medicine could look like


I spent 37 consecutive days playing 'Pokemon GO' - here's what I did to catch 'em all


Inside the elite startup retreat where Satya Nadella and Condoleezza Rice just spent their weekend


A woman who's spent over a decade in HR says you can use the same strategy to impress interviewers and dates


I spent a week in Uganda reporting on women's health - here's everything I learned


Bleeding bad: Ola roughly spent Rs 4 for every rupee earned during 2015-16


How to quickly see how many hours in the last year you spent in business meetings
An artist spent decades hand-carving intricate 40-foot caves in New Mexico


Here's how travel hackers spent $4,300 on a luxury trip to the Maldives - and saved $22,000


Wells Fargo bank teller stole nearly $200,000 from a customer and spent it on several vacations


I spent 24 hours with Snapchat's new Spectacles - these were my 5 biggest problems with the glasses


70 UK tech workers spent the weekend cycling from France to Britain - and Brexit was all anyone could talk about


A builder who's spent 14 years in the industry explains how to know whether you should build or buy


A couple spent 15k driving a $500 Volkswagen bus from Alaska to Argentina
Salesforce quietly spent hundreds of millions of dollars to build a team of 175 data scientists


US companies have spent $2 trillion doing something that has absolutely no impact on their business


The CEO of Bulletproof Coffee has spent over $1 million on 'smart drugs' and a personal health lab


I spent a week using the iPhone 8 and I think you should wait for the iPhone X - here's why


A photographer spent 25 years documenting rich people - here's what she learned


Tony Robbins started out as a broke janitor - then he saved a week's worth of pay, and the way he spent it changed his life


This Gurgaon restaurant won't charge you for the food but for the time you spent eating there


The British government spent $400 million on an airport that airlines can't fly into
An IBM executive spent $200,000 renovating his New York City home - take a look inside


Google spent $30 billion on its cloud and is making some undeniable progress


The Las Vegas shooter spent 3 days stockpiling weapons in a $500 suite on the 32nd floor - here's what the room is like


Land's End ousts CEO who 'only spent one week a month in the office'


John McCain just spent 9 minutes picking apart Trump's worldview without saying his name once


I spent the weekend with 12,000 Minecraft fans and it was amazing


A man spent 5 months in jail because he didn't know his bail was just $2


Premier League clubs spent a record $1.8 billion during the summer transfer window


'I spent 22 years on death row'


The Giants spent over $100 million this summer to improve its defense - and now it's starting to look dominant


4 crazy things billionaires have spent money on


Apple spent $1 million on the stairs in the new San Francisco Apple Store


Karhoo spent a fortune on free taxi rides before going bust


How the 'rich kids of London' spent their Christmas holidays
One man spent 5 years creating an incredible 'Minecraft' universe


A woman who's spent over a decade in HR shares the No. 1 sign it's time to quit your job


ESPN's 'Around the Horn' spent four minutes debating LeBron James' future based on report from fake NBA insider tweet


A former ad exec who sold his firm to Microsoft spent the last 20 years restoring a mansion in Los Angeles -and now he's selling it for $10 million
A black man has spent years befriending KKK members and convinced 200 of them to leave the hate group


I spent 2 months working with a career coach, but it's a sentence from our very first call that has changed the way I approach my job


The NHL spent more than 6 minutes reviewing a big play and it looks like they still got the call wrong


AOL's Tim Armstrong explains how he spent his first 100 days as CEO


India Inc spent more on CSR in 2016, exceeds the threshold


The woman behind 'female Viagra' sold her company for $1 billion - see how she spent the money


This is how Amitabh Bachchan spent his day out with grandkids and the photos are adorable


We spent an afternoon with 'Jacob the Jeweler', the man behind the world's wildest jewels and watches


Addison Lee has spent around £30 million on a taxi company to help it go global


Tech North spent £66,500 of taxpayer money on a 51-page report


I spent 3 years training fighter pilots at the real Top Gun - and it taught me a lesson all elite organizations understand


We spent an afternoon at the Trump Winery in Virginia and it wasn't what we expected at all


TransferWise spent £12.3 million on advertising last year - its biggest expense
A 35-year-old guy who has spent 10 years traveling the world reveals the 5 things you should do before taking a big trip


Ex-Google engineers have spent 2 years secretly trying to solve 'the hardest problem in banking'


Startup founders who raised $15 million explain why they spent over a year turning down opportunities to make money


Ekta Kapoor spent two sleepless nights tracking pirated links of Udta Punjab


How a guy who spent $18K in a Jet.com contest became a multimillionaire


Why Google really spent $625 million on a company generating $92 million in revenue
These seats are the worst innovation airlines have come up with, and I spent 15 hours suffering in them


A 30-something who spent 11 years traveling to 193 countries shares his favorite money trick to decide if something is worth buying


$3.5 trillion will be spent on IT globally this year


Meet the adventurous couple who has spent the past 4 years living in Airbnbs around the world for under $90 a night


Boeing spent 18 hours drawing an outline of the 787 Dreamliner across America


A group of Google employees spent their '20% time' making Google Maps wheelchair-friendly


Verizon has spent at least $200 million on video for its go90 service, which has 2.1 million monthly app users


Believe it or not: AAP spent Rs 1 crore of taxpayers money on chai and samosa


We spent a day with the people who fly and fix the F-35, Here's what they have to say about the most expensive weapons project in history


EPA head Pruitt spent $12,000 of taxpayer money traveling home this spring - but has yet to visit any of his regional offices


The Cavaliers spent the season preserving LeBron James, and now it's paying off big time


'A very unusual' librarian donated his entire $4 million estate to his university upon his death - and it spent $1 million on a football scoreboard


Nestle just spent $500 million for coffee chain - and made Instagram's CEO, Bono, Tony Hawk, and Jared Leto a lot of money


I spent all weekend taking pictures with the new Galaxy S8 and now I never want to go back to my iPhone


17 stunning photos from the week I spent traveling around Uganda


Brazil's military spent 20 years working on a 'miracle gel' mosquito repellent that they have no plans to sell


Evening news programs have spent just 32 minutes covering policy issues this election year, report says