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George H.W. Bush tells the same lewd joke when taking pictures to 'try to put people at ease'


Forget coffee and avocado toast - most people blow nearly 40% of their money in the same place


Everyone on Wall Street is talking about the same 2 words


Too many people make the same mistake when they start a new job, and it makes them look ridiculous


Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Sheryl Sandberg all use the same old-school organizational hack
Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 will suffer from the same problems as before
I took a Tesla Model S and a Toyota Camry on the same road trip - and the ride was surprisingly similar


BuzzFeed raises another $200 million at the same valuation it had last year


The British passport is worth the same as Argentina's under a 'Hard Brexit'
Vikings cut kicker who missed game-deciding field goal in the playoffs and was never the same


A typical day in the life of Mark Zuckerberg, who wears the same thing every day and tucks his daughter in every night


After 10 years as a financial planner, I've realized almost everyone gets the same thing wrong about money


Ex-Australia PM Abbot head-butted 'over same sex marriage views'


Republicans and Democrats are both using the same argument to gin up enthusiasm among jaded voters


You shouldn't wear the same pair of shoes every day - here's why


Too many people make the same mistake motivating themselves to work out
After years of coaching successful people, Tony Robbins found they all asked themselves the same question about money


Women in India are earning 19 per cent less than men despite being in the same company doing the same job


Not all headaches hurt the same - here's how to know what type of pain you're having


The private-equity firm that saved Arby's is making a $2.9 billion bet that it can do the same for Buffalo Wild Wings
An ad executive explains how brands can avoid making the same mistakes they made with mobile apps in voice tech
Bill Gates sent his 3 kids to the same $33,000-a-year private school in Seattle where he met his Microsoft cofounder at age 13
Twitter users are convinced that Carson Wentz and Prince Harry are the same person


Google's Pixel 2 smartphone uses the same waterproofing material that off-road cars use
Gold Star family receives $25,000 personal check from Trump - signed on the same day as a Washington Post expose


Trump refuses to completely drop business ties: 'I can run my business and the country at the same time'
Explosive memos claim Trump's lawyer met with Kremlin officials - but he may have been mistaken for a person with the same name


Too many people make the same mistake after bombing a job interview


CBS captured an incredible shot of Sergio Garcia and his fiance celebrating his Masters-winning putt the same way
Making the same 2 decisions before any trip I take has helped me pack lighter for years


After putting my resume through an online scan, I realized the problem with using the same one for every job


Here's why Adele is wearing the same dress for all of her concerts


Papa John's tumbles after same store sales miss big


The Arby's CEO asked 1,000 US employees the same question before his hugely successful brand turnaround
Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon will battle for the same Emmy - here are all the other costars directly competing


What it's like to eat dinner at the same restaurant as the Obamas


Apple Photos is now the same as Google Photos except for one key feature
Kudankulam plant in Tamil Nadu won’t have the same fate as Fukushima, say its Russian builders


The Atlanta Fed and billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer are worried about the same thing


Here's the only thing you need to know about Mars being 'the same size' as the moon on August 27


Top Trump confidant says he 'won't make the same mistake twice' on healthcare
Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are facing the same question - but for different reasons


Men's clothing stores keep popping up in New York City - and they're all targeting the same kind of guy


Businesses hacked in the same way TalkTalk was could face 'significant fines'
Blue Origin nails the launch and landing of the same reusable rocket for the 4th time in a row
A Muslim man who attended the same mosque as the Orlando shooter reported him to the FBI in 2014


These 'smart' headphones let you listen to music and charge your iPhone 7 at the same time


Several CEOs are voicing the same complaint about one of Trump's biggest brags


A historian says all of sci-fi shares the same major flaw - except one legendary novel
Satya Nadella talked to us about confronting a sexist bias he didn't know he had - and making sure AI doesn't make the same mistake


The same personality trait that could make you successful may also make you unhappy


Trump announces 'BIG' rally on the same night as the White House Correspondents Dinner


Australia's first same sex wedding takes place


A teen was fired after she asked for the same pay as her male coworker
Here's why Brexit is both different than - and the same as - the last time the UK ditched Europe


HSBC has 3,000 people working on innovation in the same London office as rock and roll mag NME


Tesla could be about to make the same mistake with the Model 3 that it did with the Model X


We asked 3 productivity experts what useless tasks we need to cut from our to-do lists - and they all said the same thing


Polar bear seen petting dog in viral video kills a husky in the same pack


We tried Tesla Autopilot and Cadillac Super Cruise in the same week - here's what it was like
Wall Street is making the same mistake about investing in space as it did with self-driving cars


Clinton and Trump made the same exact mistake - but for him it's fatal
A dream expert explains why so many people seem to have the same dreams
24 pairs of celebrities you had no idea were the same age


REPORTS: Trump to speak to Merkel about Russia on same day he talks to Putin for the first time


IS loses Deir al-Zour in Syria and al-Qaim in Iraq on same day
Too many people can't save money for the same reason - and it's easy to fix


A trait that makes you hateable is the same one that can help you score a date


A top election forecaster put Trump's chances the same as an NFL kicker missing a short field goal - then it happened, twice
How RAW Pressery is helping the environment and benefitting farmers at the same time


Democrats keep using the same word to describe Trump's DACA decision


Commencement speakers with wildly different views are making the same point this year
Robin Wright demanded to be paid the same as Kevin Spacey for 'House of Cards' - or go public


The computers have won and Wall Street will never be the same
26 oddly similar pairs of movies that came out around the same time


The vast majority of fancy camera owners make the same stupid, dangerous mistake with their expensive devices


After interviewing 140 people at the top of their fields, Tim Ferriss realized almost all of them share the same habit


Donald Trump's campaign is using the same app the 'Leave' campaign used during Brexit to spur voter turnout


4 MLB teams are extending their protective nets after a foul ball struck a young girl - and pressure is on other teams to do the same


ALBERT EDWARDS: The same problems that caused the financial crisis are back


A revolution that's underway in healthcare could have us thinking about X-Rays the same way we think of iPhones
Samsung's gorgeous new phone repeats some of the same mistakes as before


An Italian economist told us Berlusconi and Trump are the same … except Trump is meaner
NBCU will start selling ads in top shows like 'This is Us' using the same kind of self-serve software as Facebook


This 32-year-old left his life and career behind to work remotely while traveling the world - and help others do the same


I polled 1,500 people about their best relationship advice — and everyone said the same thing
Trump could easily make the same early mistake Obama made, and that puts a big promise at risk
Apple tested a laptop that used the same charger as the iPhone


A former Google and Apple exec says most great employees are either 'rock stars' or 'superstars' - and you can't manage them the same way


Woman retakes vacation photos in same spots 30 years later


Here's how much people in financial centres around the world get paid for doing the same jobs


I asked Navy SEALs what to do when things get chaotic at work, and they said the same advice works on the battlefield and in business


Lincoln's Gettysburg Address totally overshadowed this guy's two-hour speech at the same event
We asked 4 women to style the same little black dress - here's how they did


Marissa Mayer didn't become a doctor because her state school friends were learning the same things


These identical twin sisters gave birth on the same day - at the exact same time


I asked a series of execs how they spend the weekend - and the same phrase kept coming up


Hedge funds need to stop hiring the same white, male Wall Streeters they always have


The top 0.1% of American households hold the same amount of wealth as the bottom 90%


Jim Chanos and David Einhorn are betting against the same sector


A woman who's spent over a decade in HR says you can use the same strategy to impress interviewers and dates
Emma Stone: Male co-stars took pay cut so they were paid the same as me


Amazon is coming for Nike, Lululemon, and Under Armour with its own sportswear brand made by the same company


This nurse got a job at the same hospital where she was treated for cancer as a child
8 pictures that show how different men's bodies can look at the same weight


A top hedge fund manager has the same response every time someone complements his fund


The iPhone 8 could ditch Apple's current charger - for the same kind Google uses


The man who broke records by winning 74 games and $2.5 million on 'Jeopardy' says everyone gets the same thing wrong about human memory
A woman who interviewed 200 couples found most of them describe their happy relationship the same way
Oklahoma now has the same risk of earthquakes as California


Seven brothers and sisters adopted by same couple after four years in care


Victoria's Secret is falling into the same trap that has been killing Macy's, J. Crew, and Nordstrom
EL-ERIAN: Airbnb and Uber used the same 3 factors to disrupt huge industries
In Maharashtra, MPhils are applying for same jobs as primary school dropouts


Apple says it pays women the same as men


I'm a financial planner - and I tell everyone the same thing when they ask what to know before marriage


A CEO who interviews every new hire always starts off with the exact same question


Tony Robbins says he always does the same thing after making a big decision


The global economy will never be the same again
Seismic activity detected at same site as previous 4 tests


The dangerous mistake people make about heart attacks is assuming the signs are the same for everyone


Why Google says it killed the headphone jack, even though it called out Apple last year for doing the same thing


A financial planner says too many people make the same mistake when weighing the cost of going back to school


Tim Armstrong may be falling into the same trap that's ruined every Yahoo CEO


A former Google engineer uses the same 5-minute practice to defuse fights at home and at work


Mitt Romney unloads on Roy Moore the same day Trump endorses him, says he would be a 'stain on the GOP'


The exact same phrase can have a completely different meaning in different countries - and misunderstanding it can make everything more complicated


The cofounder of The Pirate Bay is suing the same record labels that sued him
We asked attendees at Trump's speech to describe Clinton in one word. They all had the same response
She burned out after selling her first startup - now she's helping over-worked millennials avoid the same fate


The last time a Le Pen made it this far in France's presidential race they got crushed - and politicians want the same thing to happen again


Many people make the same mistake when they compare their wealth to everyone else's - here's how to avoid it
The world champion of public speaking says every line of a speech should answer the same question


13 photos that show how different women's bodies can look at the same weight


Blue Bottle Coffee now has some of the same problems as the craft beer industry - and customers are ready to boycott


The iPhone 7 is the same old thing, but it's going to sell like hotcakes anyway
This is Apple's ridiculous solution for when you want to listen to music and charge your iPhone 7 at the same time


Same face, same marks, same college, same course: Twins who have made it to IIT-K have a LOT IN COMMON


Twitter says it found 201 accounts linked to the same Russian activity on Facebook


Trump's secretary of state pick has a plan for fighting ISIS that has the same fatal flaw as Obama's strategy


India outrage after gang rape victim assaulted again 'by same men'


One-third of Americans don't appear to know Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing
Apple's new Beats headphones, which use the same wireless tech as AirPods, will arrive this week


What it's like to eat dinner at the same restaurant as the Obamas


Aaron Judge robbed the Indians and a notorious ballhawking fan on the same play
The same bad habit that stalls huge companies for years can sabotage your career


The elite Russian special forces who took over Crimea are doing the same thing in Aleppo


Eight billionaires 'own same as half the world'
Where rich and poor don't breathe the same air


Norway will pay their male and female football teams the same


Facebook and Google dominate web traffic, but not the same kind


The 2016 world champion of public speaking says beginners always make the same 2 mistakes


The 'elevator of the future' uses the same technology as Japan's bullet train


Why Apple employees are all making the same 'Office Space' joke this week


'Game of Thrones' fans are all making the same joke about Jon Snow


30 items that prove women pay more than men for the same products


Over 200 years ago, a US president served 2 cabinet posts at the same time


This brilliant map renames each US state with a country generating the same GDP


Analysis: Expect more of the same


A Toastmasters world champion who used to be 'petrified' of giving speeches says most people fear of public speaking for the same reason: ego


The best app for helping you save money on flights is about to do the same thing for hotels


What's new - and what's the same - with the 3 new iPhone cameras


You can now read J.K. Rowling's latest short story that takes place in the same world as Harry Potter


A Wall Street performance coach who's consulted on Showtime's 'Billions' too many people have the same misconception about success


How BuzzFeed, Vice, and Bill Simmons followed the same path to success


People keep mixing up these 2 'Westworld' characters - but they're definitely not the same person


Hurricane Maria is ravaging the same Caribbean islands that Irma just devastated - here's what it looks like on the ground
Kohl's might be making the same catastrophic mistake that set Toys R Us on the path to bankruptcy with its Amazon partnership


Mark Zuckerberg's big video bet faces the same fundamental problem that's hurt Twitter


The 'usual suspects' are once again making the same policy mistakes


I asked a series of execs about their bedtime routines - and kept hearing about the same ritual


We asked 6 big money investors about their biggest market fears - and they all had the same answer


I've spent the last 3 months recommending the same book to everyone I speak with - and I'm convinced anyone can use its insights


How to Raise Funds & Not Beg Investors for the same


How RAW Pressery is helping the environment and uplifting farmers at the same time


A 31-year-old who left her 9-5 with $1 million says most people have the same misconception about retirement


Three mayoral hopefuls share same name


Samsung chief Jay Lee allowed home, still likely to face same charges in graft case


Al-Nusra rebranding: New name, same aim?


'We want the same thing' - Saudi oil minister welcomes Trump era


Not all headaches hurt the same - here's how to know what type of pain you're having


Chipotle will never be the same again


A key part of US policy on Jerusalem is staying the same - even after Trump's big embassy announcement


11,000 people bought an adapter to give the new MacBook Pro the same features as the last one


KFC admits it's been making the same mistake for decades - and now it has a plan to beat Chick-fil-A


A CEO says too many executives make the same leadership mistake


The same trait that can make you popular in middle school also helps you succeed at work


A new ruling finally requires homeopathic 'treatments' to obey the same labeling standards as real medicines


These 6 common vegetables are actually all the same plant species


Tax reform was possible in 1986, but Republicans aren't following the same playbook that worked then


Obama wore the same tuxedo for 8 years, according to the former first lady


Tesla is struggling to be 2 different car companies at the same time


Citi said the same word more than 20 times in the same presentation - and it's the key to the bank's strategy


I make the same 3 choices before every trip I take, and it always saves me money


Australia votes to legalise same sex marriage


Most hurricanes that hit the US come from the same exact spot in the world


A former FBI profiler offers a theory on why so many politicians use the same weird hand gesture


Billions of people have the same favorite color and number, and scientists don't know why


When it comes to political ads, it's time for Facebook and Google to be held to the same standards as ABC and CBS


Top GOP senator warns Trump: Don't make the same mistake as George W. Bush did with Katrina


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