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Here's why this 4-year old startup that raised $45 million just hired its first sales chief
The sleep tracking device that raised investment from Dick Costolo is now available to buy in Europe
This startup raised a mammoth $130 million investment by bucking the conventional Silicon Valley wisdom


Kansas City Chiefs cornerback raised right fist during national anthem


Australian swimmer thanks fan who raised alarm over mole


An Uber passenger raised over $8,000 to send her driver to Rio to watch his son compete in the Olympics
Meal delivery startup Deliveroo has raised $275 million
A woman raised $8,000 so her Uber driver could see his son compete in Rio


A company that wants to be the 'global standard network of genomic data' raised $240 million


FITCH: The debt ceiling will be raised $20,000,000,000,000 just in nick of time
A startup that bills itself as the 'Salesforce of pot' has raised $3.5 million


Exclusive: This Indie-musician raised more than Two Lakhs in Six Hours through crowdfunding for his upcoming album
How an idealistic Silicon Valley founder raised $134 million to change journalism, then crashed into reality - Inside Medium's meltdown
A grassroots movement to help Democrats win back seats in Congress has already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars


An 8-year-old boy raised hundreds of dollars selling lemonade to help pay for a stranger's funeral


A new startup that sells everything from chef's knives to maple syrup for just $3 raised $50 million to be the 'Procter & Gamble for millennials'


This 24-year-old skipped the chance to be the first in his family to go to college - now he's raised $30 million to help everyone sleep better
British HR startup hibob raised a $7.5 million seed round from investors including the cofounder of TransferWise
3 guys swore they could make gills for humans and raised $800,000, and it should be a cautionary tale for everyone


The founder of a notorious flop raised $1 million so he can sell a bot-powered blog site to businesses
DocPlanner has raised $20 million for its platform that helps patients get a doctor's appointment


WeWork just raised another $4.4 billion from SoftBank


A startup that was born out of the pain of building Apple's network has raised $25 million


Startup founders who raised $15 million explain what everyone gets wrong about quitting your job to start a company
Milo Yiannopoulos says he raised $12 million to start his own media company and received a $1 million signing bonus


Job Today raised $20 million from Channel 4 and an early Facebook investor
People are going crazy over this strange card game that's raised over $2 million on Kickstarter


Cohesity, the four-year old startup from Nutanix's cofounder, has now raised $160 million


West Point cleared the 16 female cadets who posed with raised fists
This startup has built a community of about 50 million monthly users where 'being smart is cool,' and it just raised $15 million


A VC who raised $70 million in 3 months explains why he left a Valley VC firm to go solo
Iraqi 'victory' flag is raised in Falluja


The startup that's an expert at predicting what you want to do next just raised $20 million
An Israeli startup has raised $15 million for its boutique coworking spaces to help it take on WeWork
Anti-ad blocking company Sourcepoint has raised another $16 million


Wall Street alum whose startup raised $34 million says the best career advice came from her mom, 'who never worked a day outside the home in her life'


Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak dismisses AI concerns raised by the likes of Stephen Hawking and Nick Bostrom


This fast-casual Mediterranean chain has raised $60 million to expand across the US - here's what it's like


MNUCHIN: I am '100% confident' the debt ceiling will be raised in time
Elon Musk has raised $27 million to link human brains with computers


A startup that's developing tests that run on a drop of blood just raised $36 million
ATM cash withdrawal limit may be raised as supply of new Rs 500 notes to go up


The CEO of Cargomatic, an 'Uber for truckers' that's raised $10 million, steps down


The world has shrunk': Obama says Brexit vote speaks to 'challenges raised by globalization


A 20-year-old who dropped out of NYU says he has raised $5 million for his hedge fund


A man who was raised to be a die-hard white supremacist explains it took for him to rethink his beliefs
Trump just 'dramatically raised the specter' of a government shutdown over the wall - and he'd likely 'get the blame'


A Wall Streeter raised more than $100,000 for charity after a shock phone call changed his life


AdPushup, a tech startup backed by Microsoft Accelarator just raised Series A funding from Japan's Geniee, Inc


Millennial banking startup Loot raised another £2.5 million
A small moment in the latest 'Westworld' episode just raised tons of concerning questions


This Instagram star with a name we can't repeat has raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter in 7 days
Trump campaign claims it raised more than $2 million in 12 hours


This game is turning players into $50,000-a-month entrepreneurs - and it just raised $93 million to turn them into media moguls


AppLovin, a 115 employee, profitable startup that never raised money from VCs, just sold itself for $1.4 billion
This man has raised over £145,000 and hired a team of lawyers to prosecute politicians who lied about Brexit
A genetics company founded by former Twitter execs just raised another $45 million


HILLARY CLINTON: The Supreme Court just raised the stakes for this election
Google and Facebook employees are flocking to a startup that's raised ~$70 million to shake up the real estate world
This startup wants to stop you from getting charged sneaky subscription fees - and it just raised its first round of funding
The former president of Ticketmaster raised $2.7 million to fix the worst part of buying cologne and perfume


A virtual reality company that raised $132 million is laying off staff worldwide


IIT Roorkee startup's 'PuFF' is making smoking 50% less harmful without affecting experience. It just raised funding from VCs
A startup that wants to build an early-warning system for cancer just raised $360 million
IIT Roorkee's startup 'PuFF' is making smoking 50% less harmful without affecting experience. It just raised funding from VCs


A fintech company used by Google, Amazon, and Airbnb raised $180 million


This ex-Yelp engineer just raised $6 million to help make tastier beer
Unacademy just raised $1 million and these are the top Indian entrepreneurs that backed this ed-tech startup


A slightly twisted Kickstarter for Harambe shot glasses has already raised 25 times its goal


A startup just raised another $90 million to help people save money on prescriptions


A 27-year-old raised $10 million from venture capitalists for an unusual hedge fund


European Parliament: Questions raised over Martin Schulz's spending


Startup founders who raised $15 million explain why they spent over a year turning down opportunities to make money


One of Facebook's first European execs has raised $3 million for a front door lock


Sunken Korean ferry raised after three years
Sewol disaster ferry raised in South Korea after three years


The new Maserati Levante SUV has raised the luxury bar
This 23-person startup raised $10 million using these 21 slides


Snapdeal has raised $21 million and is planning big this festive season
Concerns raised over teenage pregnancy 'magic dolls'
A Shoreditch startup has raised $6 million for its music discovery and gig ticketing app


The star of the Olympics opening ceremony was the shirtless, oily Tongan flagbearer who raised over $6,000 to train for the Olympics
A startup that wants to provide better in-home care for seniors just raised another $42 million


How 2 startup founders with no product, no users and no real proof their company would work raised $3 million - then built a company worth $1.3 billion


Trump raised an alarmingly low amount of money last month
Startup bank Number26 just raised $40 million from 'Asia's answer to Warren Buffett'
Clinton's campaign raised 5 times as much money as Trump's in May


Why the CEO of this startup that raised $105 million tells every intern to disagree with him


Two former Apple engineers raised $10 million to prevent the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco from happening again


Marketing tech startup mParticle has raised $35 million in Series C funding


The company that boycotts logos and makes 'the world's most comfortable shoes' just raised $17.5 million to open stores
Some Starbucks locations quietly raised prices on brewed coffee and cookies on Pumpkin Spice Latte launch day


A life sciences VC just raised $616 million to find the next big thing in medicine


Airbnb just raised a massive $1 billion round of funding that values the company at around $31 billion
A controversial pricing scheme is becoming the 'new norm' at restaurants in states that raised wages


Meet three class 10 students who just raised 3 crore for their beverage startup


Secretive $20 billion startup Palantir has raised another $20 million from a single backer


Morgan Stanley raised $125 million for a new fund - and it highlights one of the hottest trends in investing


Andreessen Horowitz just raised $1.5 billion to invest in the next big thing
Eric Schmidt dismissed the AI fears raised by Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk


Johnson & Johnson crushed earnings expectations and raised its guidance for the year
This man has raised over £90,000 to take pro-Brexit politicians to court for 'lying' to the public
This startup just raised over $330 million to help you pay off your college loans


Tesla just raised $1.2 billion ahead of its Model 3 launch


A startup that uses artificial intelligence to stop banks dealing with terrorists raised $8.2 million


A startup that's building an unprecedented test for cancer just raised $900 million from major drugmakers and Amazon


A New York-based private equity firm just raised what it believes is the largest amount of capital ever to invest in the legal marijuana industry
A startup that wants to be your personal healthcare assistant just raised $70 million


The weak jobs report in May raised serious red flags for the Fed
DONALD TRUMP: I raised $51 million in June!
A Cambridge cybersecurity startup that's full of spies just raised $65 million
This unique online apparel rental portal just raised one of the largest funding rounds in recent times


People are going nuts for this futuristic measuring spoon that's raised more than $300,000 on Kickstarter


Threat level raised in Norway as device found


TransferWise just raised $26 million


This actress raised $200,000 for Alton Sterling's family in just 9 hours


The Orlando shooter's father raised a key question about the night of the massacre


Star Wars actor Riz Ahmed and the cofounder of Propercorn have raised over $85,000 for Syria
A startup that changes your car tyres at home just raised £8 million from Halfords


European video ad tech company Teads has raised $47 million to expand into Asia


A travel website that helps people move around Europe has just raised $70 million


A company that wants to use ultrasounds to deliver drugs just raised money from MIT's new $170 million venture fund


Disneyland has raised ticket prices 70% to ease crowds - but attendance is soaring


Lyft just raised $500 million to aid its fight against Uber


Thousands raised for elderly street seller


Robot delivery company Starship Technologies raised $17.2 million in a round led by Daimler


London Grenfell Tower residents raised concerns months before fire
Almost half of all money raised through crowdfunding is going toward medical expenses


A biotech company focused on inherited diseases just raised $135 million from a bunch of Wall Street firms


A London startup that has raised $22 million is expanding its US empire from San Francisco to Dallas
Snapchat raised $1.81 billion in a new funding round


This Brooklyn startup raised $8 million to make dog chow that's good enough for humans to eat


This is how Paytm’s Vijay Shekhar Sharma just raised Rs 325 crore


A startup that raised $200 million wants you to think about fertility long before you want to start a family


Progressive media outlet The Young Turks has raised $20 million in venture capital funding and plans to double its staff


German fintech startups raised 80% more than British ones in the second quarter


Why people love Dig Inn, the healthy restaurant chain that just raised another $30 million from investors


China's Tesla killer just raised $1 billion for its electric car project - here's everything we know about it
Ad tech company The Trade Desk has raised the price range for its IPO


Hunter Mitchell raised thousands of dollars to save Osita the rhino.
EXCLUSIVE - Bollywood actor Kunal Kapoor talks about Ketto, his crowdfunding startup which has raised Rs 40 Cr for social causes


A pair of former Warby Parker execs have raised $8.5 million to create the perfect suitcase


The guy who thought up Minority Report's gesture screens for Steven Spielberg just raised $65 million


A genetics company that wants to sequence and analyze your entire genome for $999 just raised another $30 million
Democrats raised $13,000 to reopen a firebombed local Republican headquarters in 40 minutes


Recipe kit delivery startup Gousto has raised £10 million


Blockchain and bitcoin companies raised $290 million in the last 6 months


Hopes raised in Canada wildfire battle


Swedish payments startup iZettle has raised €60 million to fuel its growth


A startup with an app that helps people get to sleep has raised £9 million


11 gripping questions raised by 'Westworld'


Secretive AR startup ODG raised $58 million to build its smartglasses


Former Fab CEO Jason Goldberg's new company Pepo has raised $2.3 million in funding


Flight alert raised over Iceland 'seismic swarm'


A startup that lets you anonymously review your boss and job just raised $40 million


Startup creator Entrepreneur First has raised a £40 million fund to invest in Europe's new founders


A 'better pizza' chain has raised $150 million to take over America


The company that made Prince George's dressing gown has raised £5 million


50 leading CEOs and politicians were asked if Donald Trump had a 50% chance of winning the election - just 5 people raised their hand


One of the biggest VC firms in the world just raised a $1.4 billion war chest to back the next Google


A Google-backed startup that creates personalised children's books has raised €4 million


A hedge fund has raised $100 million to make bets based on other hedge funds


The genius behind 'World of Warcraft' just raised $25 million for a new startup


How a simple bike ride raised millions and impacted thousands of lives


Sewol disaster ferry raised in South Korea after three years


This former top Microsoft exec just raised $100 million from Mark Zuckerberg's favorite fund to take on Oracle, Google, and Amazon


A 'more approachable' VC fund has raised $150 million to invest in European tech startups


Trump voters want the minimum wage raised


A tech startup has raised $20 million, and it's another sign that the TV business is racing toward digital-like ad targeting


Uber's rival in China has raised another $7 billion to keep the pressure on


Portland attack: $600,000 raised for 'heroes' killed defending Muslim teen