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Donald Trump Jr. was promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton before meeting with a Russian lawyer
Donald Trump Jr met Russian lawyer before election
Trump son, son-in-law met Kremlin-linked lawyer
Trump's legal team blames Democrats for setting up the meeting between his campaign and a Russian lawyer
Donald Trump Jr. provided 2 wildly different statements to describe his meeting with a Russian lawyer


Donald Trump Jr.'s explanation for why he met a Russian lawyer changed wildly over 4 days
Jared Kushner reportedly left the meeting with Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer early
Jared Kushner is under fire as all eyes turn to the only White House adviser in on the Don Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer
Donald Trump Jr.'s controversial meeting with a Russian lawyer came at a pivotal moment in the Trump campaign


Angelina Jolie's divorce lawyer explains how A-list celebrities keep their breakups secret


Willie Kimani: Missing Kenyan lawyer 'found dead'
Willie Kimani: Missing Kenyan lawyer found dead
Kenya missing lawyer Willie Kimani hunt: Bodies found


'This could be bigger than phone-hacking,' says lawyer pursuing News UK over the 'Fake Sheikh'


America's loudest lawyer


Trump's lawyer apologizes for sending threatening emails to a stranger, says it was 'at the end of a very long day'
Trump tries to blame his son's meeting with a Russian lawyer on Obama's Justice Department
'A trial balloon': Experts think Moscow may have 'dangled' a Russian lawyer to lure in Trump
The free robot lawyer that appealed $3 million in parking tickets is now available in the US


The mysterious death of billionaire Barry Sherman remains unexplained - and the family's lawyer has criticised the police investigation


Trump campaign paid Trump Jr.'s lawyer $50,000 last month - before revelations that Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer
The Russian lawyer who met with Trump Jr. called liberalism 'a f--king mental disorder' and criticized 'p---y strikes' against Trump
Another player in Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer has been identified
The Russian lawyer Trump Jr. and Kushner met with in 2016 was also in regular contact with top Russian prosecutor


Catalan independence: Carles Puigdemont in Belgium, lawyer says
Facebook's top lawyer admitted they should have caught Russian ads earlier but said foreign currency isn't enough to act on
Trump campaign official was just 'being polite' when he OK'd a meeting with Russians, his lawyer says


Trump lawyer Michael Cohen defends posting daughter's lingerie picture


'DNA proof' for Julio Iglesias love child - lawyer


An entertainment lawyer explains what legal consequences Harvey Weinstein could face following sexual assault allegations


Video shows Trump's lawyer previously denied the president was involved with Trump Jr.'s misleading statement about meeting with a Russian lawyer
Trump 'dictated' son's statement on Russian lawyer meeting
Trump was behind the misleading original statement about Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer


Iran frees woman who took off headscarf - lawyer


Trump lawyer Ty Cobb, tricked by an 'email prankster,' asks for 'drone' in private emails slamming reporter
Trump lawyer Ty Cobb in private emails with prankster: 'Manafort and Flynn' will cause the Russia investigation 'to linger'


'False and wholly unsubstantiated': Trump's lawyer pushes back on Steele dossier allegations amid Russia firestorm


A lawyer who provided legal assistance to the alleged 9/11 mastermind says even Al Qaeda operatives are 'disturbed' by ISIS


Meet the music publicist taking credit for setting up Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer
Russia denies knowing lawyer who met Trump Jr
Trump's team is skirting a huge question on Donald Trump Jr.'s 'staggering admissions' about meeting with a Russian lawyer
Donald Trump Jr. just hired a new lawyer for Russia investigations
Donald Trump Jr 'met Russia lawyer for Clinton information'
The music publicist who says he brokered the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer has a colorful history on social media
There's a very specific reason why the Russian lawyer who met with Trump Jr. wanted to talk about adoptions
Donald Trump Jr met Russian lawyer who promised Clinton information
Top GOP senator: The Senate Intelligence Committee should interview Trump Jr. over his meeting with a Russian lawyer
Donald Trump Jr.: I 'had to listen' to Russian lawyer who promised dirt on Clinton


Trump's top lawyer pick denies KKK support


Paul Manafort's business partner Rick Gates fires his lawyer who was trying to get him a plea deal in the Russia investigation


Ukraine murder probe over lawyer Nozdrovska's death


Top Trump lawyer reportedly went extraordinary lengths to quietly pay porn star 'Stormy Daniels' $130,000
Yu Wensheng: China human rights lawyer arrested on school run


Trump's lawyer threatens to lodge a complaint against special counsel Mueller if he investigates Trump's real estate deals


Trump's personal lawyer will serve as key RNC finance executive


Here's who was in the room with Trump Jr. when he met with the Russian lawyer to get dirt on Clinton


Stormy Daniels: Trump lawyer admits paying porn star
Stormy Daniels 'free to tell her story' after Trump lawyer statement
Trump's personal lawyer admits he paid a former porn star $130,000, but says the money came out of his own pocket
Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen has left open the possibility that Trump reimbursed him for the $130,000 porn star payment


An employment lawyer explains whether you can legally be fired while you're on parental leave


Trump's lawyer Marc Kasowitz rejects James Comey's allegations


Ko Ni death: Thousands mourn shot Myanmar lawyer
Ko Ni death: Crowds mourn shot Myanmar lawyer


Greek lawyer had no idea he had qualified for the Olympics a year earlier until he read a website 3 months before the games began
China baby milk scandal lawyer jailed


Donald Trump Jr. strikes back at Democrats and media for caring about 'nonsense' meeting with Russian lawyer
Trump Jr 'was told lawyer had info from Kremlin'
The man who connected Donald Trump Jr. to a Russian lawyer appears to have checked in for the meeting on Facebook
'They wanted it so badly': The Russian lawyer who met with Trump Jr. denies having information on Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump Jr. emails raise the possibility that another person was in his controversial meeting with the Russian lawyer
Here are the 4 evolving statements Donald Trump Jr. gave about his meeting with a Russian lawyer
Trump son's Clinton claim denied by Russian lawyer
The story behind the Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. last year


Hollywood's top divorce lawyer explains how A-list celebrities keep their breakups secret


Facebook's top lawyer - not Zuck - will testify before Congress on Russia-linked ads


Egypt election: Human rights lawyer Khaled Ali quits race


Trump Russia inquiry: Mueller improperly obtained emails, lawyer says
Trump Russia probe: Mueller improperly obtained emails, lawyer says


Egyptian lawyer jailed for saying women in ripped jeans should be raped


Mike Pence sent his lawyer to meet with Robert Mueller over the Russia investigation
Jared Kushner's lawyer accidentally forwarded a sensitive Senate Intel letter to an email prankster


The lawyer for the man dragged off a United flight says a lawsuit is coming


Trump lawyer Marc Kasowitz is stepping aside from the president's legal team


LETTERS TO TONY BLAIR: Saddam Hussein's lawyer wrote these letters as part of a plan for the Iraqi leader to step down before war was declared - but Blair ignored them
Google wants Oracle's lawyer to be punished for revealing its business deal with Apple


A Trump judicial nominee didn't disclose that he is married to a White House lawyer
Colin Kaepernick's lawyer identified 2 struggling teams he says could benefit from signing his client


Trump's lawyer offered a dubious explanation for Trump's bombshell tweet about Michael Flynn


Human rights lawyer jailed for 12 years in China
China rights lawyer Xia Lin jailed for 12 years


Roy Moore allegedly called a girl to ask her out while she was in her high school math class and he was a 30-year-old lawyer
Roy Moore's lawyer casts doubt on accuser's yearbook claim


'Anyone can be attacked for partisan gain': Comey issues rare statement in defense of top FBI lawyer


Russia meeting not illegal, says Trump lawyer
'I ask the questions and you answer them,': Anchors grill Trump's lawyer in blistering interviews over Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer
Trump's lawyer let something slip about the Russia meeting that raises questions about whether Trump attended


Trump-Russia inquiry: Vice-President Pence hires lawyer


MH17 crash: Malaysia Airlines 'strikes deal on damages', says lawyer


A 19-year-old created a free robot lawyer that has beaten 160,000 parking tickets


China human rights lawyer Li Heping given suspended jail term


Yahoo's top lawyer is out after investigation finds Yahoo execs didn't 'properly comprehend or investigate' massive hacks
Top Trump lawyer under fire over Russia contact


German terror suspect Jaber al-Bakr's jail death a scandal, says lawyer
The lawyer who just wrote a letter to the NYT for Trump has a fascinating history on Wall Street


Egypt detains lawyer investigating enforced disappearances


Jeff Sessions hired a lawyer to represent him during the Russia probe


You probably won't understand this keyboard unless you're a lawyer


Trump reportedly ordered a White House lawyer to convince Jeff Sessions not to recuse himself from the Russia investigation


Harvey Weinstein's star lawyer Lisa Bloom is resigning as sexual assault allegations mount


Steven Avery's lawyer says 'crucial witnesses' are coming forward in the 'Making a Murderer' case


A 19 year-old made a free robot lawyer that can help refugees claim asylum


An FBI official booted from the Russia investigation over anti-Trump texts exchanged more than 50,000 messages with an FBI lawyer


Top Trump lawyer in private email exchange: 'Me and Kelly' are the 'adults in the room'


Top Bush ethics lawyer goes off on Kellyanne Conway, Trump, and Nordstrom: 'What he did was particularly reprehensible'


An Uber executive's lawyer invoked LeBron James when asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit from a woman who was raped by an Uber driver


Human rights lawyer released after video 'confession'


Senate to release transcripts on Russian lawyer meeting


Apple is hiring a lawyer who specializes in medical privacy, hinting at bigger health tech ambitions


Texas: Video of invasive search shows 'rape by cop', says lawyer
Texas: Video shows invasive search of woman by police, says lawyer


'What the hell is Nunes doing at the White House?': Former top CIA, NSA lawyer stunned House Intel chair shared info with Trump


Ousted Fox Sports executive's lawyer describes treatment at Fox as 'appalling' and vows to vigorously defend against 'slanderous accusations'


New memo suggests Russian lawyer at Trump Tower meeting was acting 'as an agent' of the Kremlin


There are key differences between the Steele dossier and Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer
A Russian-American lobbyist says Russian lawyer in Trump Jr. meeting presented documents
Loretta Lynch responds to Trump's accusation Obama's Justice Department is to blame for Trump Jr.'s meeting with Russian lawyer
Paul Manafort was in the Russian lawyer meeting with Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. - here's what you need to know about him


Donald Trump lawyer denies looking into presidential self-pardons


Chemsex, drugs and death: The lawyer who lost his lover


Cardinal Pell will plead not guilty, his lawyer confirms


Trump's lawyer is reportedly buttering up special counsel Robert Mueller at Trump's request


Steve Bannon suggests Trump's lawyer 'took care' of 'a hundred' women during the presidential campaign
Meet 'Stormy Daniels' - the porn star whom Trump's lawyer allegedly paid to keep quiet about a sexual affair


Mark Cuban engages in a nearly day-long Twitter war with Donald Trump's top lawyer


A top Delhi lawyer just declared unaccounted income worth Rs 125 crore and this has shocked legal fraternity


2 more Trump associates lawyer up as Mueller's investigation escalates


Nazanin 'eligible for early release' - lawyer


Bill Cosby's lawyer told Cosby's wife during the trial - in front of the jury - 'You deserved better'


Manhattan DA reportedly dropped felony fraud case against Trump's kids after donation from Trump's lawyer
The woman dragged off a Southwest Airlines flight by police is pregnant, suffered injuries, and was racially profiled - her lawyer says


Kenyan police in court over lawyer Willie Kimani's death
Kenyan police charged over lawyer Willie Kimani's death


A top divorce lawyer explains what could happen to Brangelina's $500 million fortune


London fire victim was on phone with parents when she died, lawyer says


'They're acting like dictators': Republican lawyer snaps at GOP congressman who called for a 'purge' at the FBI


Tax officials recover Rs 157 crore in new and old notes from a Delhi lawyer for the third time


Egypt lawyer gets 10 years, social media ban for Facebook posts


Catalan leader heads to Brussels and hires lawyer


Fugitive US lawyer wanted for fraud captured in Honduras
No demand to see Trump's bank details - lawyer


Melania Trump was reportedly blindsided by reports a lawyer paid porn star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about an alleged encounter with Donald Trump


A new poll shows most Republicans think Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer was fine


Porsche-driving lawyer gunman named


Hope Hicks now has a lawyer for the Russia investigation


The ACLU has come out swinging against Taylor Swift after her lawyer threatened a blogger with legal action


This Syrian lawyer used WhatsApp to reach Greece - and is now helping refugees seek asylum in Europe


Magnitsky lawyer injured after falling from building near Moscow


The curious rise of Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met Team Trump


Oracle's CEO ran into Google's top lawyer at a party and told him 'Thou shalt not steal'


A former White House ethics lawyer says Pence's crusade against a Democratic senator could violate ethics laws


Top White House lawyer calls Michael Flynn an 'Obama administration official' in statement distancing Trump from Russia plea deal


China rights lawyer Xia Lin put on trial


The Chinese lawyer who had his clothes ripped off in court


Report: Trump's lawyer hand-delivered Michael Flynn a plan to lift sanctions on Russia


Jerry Jones is reportedly hiring a lawyer to block Roger Goodell's contract extension, and it's setting up a war among NFL owners


A copyright lawyer explained what's going to happen at Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway to Heaven' trial


German lawyer cheesed off with endless pizza deliveries


Trump's personal lawyer and the White House counsel are reportedly clashing over the Russia probe


Chinese lawyer 'wore torture device for a month'


Magnitsky lawyer injured after 'falling' from building near Moscow
Hacked text messages allegedly sent by Paul Manafort's daughter discuss 'blood money' and killings, and a Ukrainian lawyer wants him to explain


A Russian lawyer believed to work 'at the behest' of the Kremlin met with Trump's campaign team


The White House lawyer who refused to fire Mueller has been a central figure in Trump's efforts to control the Russia investigation


Willie Kimani: Kenyan lawyer tortured before death


A former lawyer who's been running a business remotely for 8 years shares her favorite tools for working on the road


'Business as usual and nothing more': Trump's longtime lawyer defends contacts with top Russian official


Emails show the man who set up the infamous Trump Tower meeting between the Trump campaign and a Russian lawyer reportedly kept in touch afterward


China jails prominent human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong


Top lawyer to HS dropout: Meet the Netherlands would-be MPs


A top Democratic lawyer represented the NYT while simultaneously trying to crush their Harvey Weinstein story


Roy Moore's lawyer says MSNBC host's 'background' would help him understand why Moore would date teenage women


Uber's top lawyer is taking a new job in the company


A 19-year-old made a free robot lawyer that helps the homeless get housing


January is 'divorce month' - a lawyer breaks down the top signs a marriage is about to dissolve


Explosive memos claim Trump's lawyer met with Kremlin officials - but he may have been mistaken for a person with the same name


Trump lawyer says he did not confront Mueller before complaining about him to Congress


Top lawyer tells the High Court it's 'beyond any doubt' that parliament should vote on Article 50


'Making a Murderer' lawyer explains why Brendan Dassey's conviction took so long to be overturned


The world's first artificially intelligent lawyer was just hired at a law firm


Trump Jr. reportedly asked a Russian lawyer if she had evidence of illegal donations to the Clinton Foundation


Flynn firestorm places spotlight on top White House lawyer


Trump nominates lawyer Christopher Wray to lead FBI


An Indiana civil rights lawyer is trying to flip a deep-red district without bashing Trump


Trump's lawyer will now have to testify in public after defying Senate Intel Committee


State Department official's lawyer repeatedly objects to questions on Clinton's email during deposition


Myanmar: Leading lawyer Ko Ni assassinated at Yangon airport


'Are you on drugs?': Trump lawyer Ty Cobb slams 'rabid' press in lengthy response to questions on Comey letter