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US gunman kills three 'in race attack'
California gunman kills three 'in race attack' in Fresno


Vegas gunman set up cameras outside room
The Las Vegas gunman set up a camera rig in the hallway outside his hotel room
Vegas gunman had 42 firearms and explosives
The Las Vegas gunman used a perfectly legal device allowing him to fire 400 rounds per minute
Trump: Vegas gunman was 'sick' and 'demented'
Debate rages over whether gunman is a terrorist
The Las Vegas gunman may have planned to attack Chance the Rapper and Lorde concert, report says
Las Vegas shootings: Is the gunman a terrorist?


Houston gunman shot dead after opening fire at US mall
Houston shooter: 'Lawyer' gunman dead after opening fire at mall
Houston gunman who was injured nine in mall attack was 'disgruntled lawyer'
Houston gunman opens fire at US mall before being shot


Texas gunman shot 2 times by armed civilian, 1 shot to the head was self-inflicted
An Air Force error allowed the Texas gunman to buy weapons
The Texas gunman escaped from a mental health facility after assaulting his wife and infant stepson


Dallas gunman kills seven before being shot dead
Dallas gunman kills seven watching Dallas Cowboys match
Texas gunman kills seven before being shot dead


Selfie footage of alleged Istanbul gunman
Turkey nightclub attack: Arrests in hunt for gunman
Video shows gunman enter Istanbul nightclub


Here's what we know about Nikolas Cruz, the suspected 19-year-old gunman in the Florida high school shooting
Florida shooting: The moment gunman opens fire in a classroom
Were warning signs about Florida gunman missed?
Florida high school gunman was reportedly equipped with smoke grenades, tried blending in with students during escape


NRA spokeswoman calls the Parkland gunman an 'insane monster' who should never have gotten a gun


Shot by Italy gunman on the way to get a haircut


Vegas gunman 'extensively planned' massacre
Las Vegas gunman 'extensively planned' massacre
The Las Vegas gunman meticulously planned his attack with chilling precision, down to a camera hidden in a food service cart in the hallway


Facebook video gunman kills himself after chase


Friend of US church gunman jailed


Photos show the smashed windows at the Mandalay Bay hotel where gunman opened fire on music festival in Las Vegas
Las Vegas gunman dead as 'room-mate' traced
Vegas gunman found dead as room-mate traced
Who is gunman Stephen Paddock?
Las Vegas gunman a 'millionaire investor'
'The shots just kept coming': Eyewitnesses describe the harrowing scene after a gunman opened fire at a Las Vegas festival
A gunman has reportedly shot several people at the Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas
Las Vegas gunman dead as police hunt woman
Las Vegas gunman Paddock checked in to his hotel 4 days before the shooting
Las Vegas gunman dead as 'roommate' traced


Fort Lauderdale airport shooting: Five people shot dead by Florida gunman
Fort Lauderdale airport shooting: Multiple people shot dead by Florida gunman


Siege gunman shot dead after policeman's killing in Queensland


Michigan courthouse shooting: Two deputies and gunman killed


The Las Vegas gunman rented a room near a festival where Chance the Rapper and Lorde performed, police confirm
The hotel where the Las Vegas gunman stockpiled weapons for 3 days has been quiet about what happened - and legal experts say it could be in hot water
Sheriff: We have evidence the Las Vegas gunman was planning to escape the hotel after his massacre
ISIS is still claiming the Las Vegas shooting, and made a more specific claim about the gunman
Vegas gunman booked rooms near other gigs
'The room disappears': Experts say the hotel where the Las Vegas gunman committed the deadly mass shooting will likely take drastic measures to erase the event


Germany shooting: Policeman dies in raid on far-right gunman


Turkey may have tracked nightclub gunman
Turkey may have tracked club gunman


'Multiple victims' and at least one fatality reported in active gunman situation in Austin, Texas


San Diego pool party gunman called ex-girlfriend during attack


The gunman who killed 50 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando has been identified
Christina Grimmie: 'Unclear' why gunman killed singer
Multiple casualties reported and hostages taken by gunman in Orlando gay club


Orlando gunman said 'I’m an Islamic soldier' in police call
Orlando gunman said 'I did the shooting' in police call
Orlando gunman phone transcripts released


Paris gunman known to security forces, source says


'Broken' school gunman has confessed, police say
Lawyer puts arm around 'sad' Florida gunman in court


Dallas gunman 'wanted to kill whites'


'Santa' gunman kills 35 at NY party in Turkey
Brazil gunman kills ex-wife, son and 10 others in Campinas
'Santa' gunman hunted over New Year massacre
'Santa' gunman hunted over massacre in Turkey


At least 9 killed in attack; suspected gunman dead, police say
Munich gunman was obsessed with mass shootings - police
Munich gunman 'had link to Anders Breivik', Norway killer
Munich gunman 'obsessed with mass shootings'
Munich gunman 'obsessed with shootings'


Armed Police shoot down siege gunman in Melbourne
Armed police shoot siege gunman in Melbourne


Multiple fatalities reported after gunman opens fire in New Mexico library


'Now it's my turn': Orlando gunman tapes released
'It's my turn': Orlando gunman tapes released


Steve Scalise shooting: The moment baseball gunman opens fire
Baseball gunman opens fire
Anti-Republican gunman shoots congressman
Congressman remains in 'critical' condition after being shot by gunman during baseball practice


US church gunman tells police - 'I did it'
Dylann Roof trial: 'I did it,' chuckling church gunman says
Dylann Roof trial: 'I did it,' church gunman says
Church gunman laughed after confessing to FBI


Colorado shooting: 'Nonchalant' gunman kills three


Sydney siege: Family angered as officer says gunman had rights


Police identify gunman in Manila casino attack
Resorts World Manila: Police release CCTV footage of gunman


Boy's footage of frenzied IS gunman in house


Turkey nightclub attack: Manhunt for gunman intensifies
Istanbul attack: Video shows gunman approaching nightclub


Zurich gunman was interested in 'the occult'


The Texas church shooting gunman should never have been able to buy a gun
Texas hero pursued gunman in high-speed chase
People who knew the Texas church gunman remembered him as 'crazy' and 'kind of off'
'Threatening texts' sent by gunman before attack
Texas gunman 'had row with mother-in-law'


Ambushed Ohio judge shoots gunman dead outside court


Jerusalem shooting: Two killed by Palestinian gunman


Palestinian gunman kills three Israelis in West Bank


Houston gunman who injured nine in mall attack was 'disgruntled lawyer'
Porsche-driving lawyer gunman named


Munich gunman planned attack for a year, officials say
Munich gunman 'planned attack for year'


Kenya police kill gunman at Deputy President Ruto's home
One dead as gunman opens fire in nightclub
One dead as gunman opens fire in German club


Mosque gunman 'reloaded and kept shooting'


Hunt for gunman targeting Las Vegas homeless


The man identified as the Orlando gay club shooting gunman worked for G4S
The rifle used by the Orlando gunman is extremely easy to come by


Nightclub gunman 'confesses' to attack
Istanbul nightclub gunman 'confesses' to attack


School gunman spoke of blissful marriage


German 'far-right' gunman jailed for life in Nuremberg


Up to 20 injured in Florida high school shooting, gunman still at large


Dozens die as gunman robs Manila casino


Cascade Mall shooting: Suspected gunman found dead in prison cell
Cleveland Facebook gunman Steve Stephens hunted in five states


Zurich mosque gunman was interested in 'the occult'


How this church plans to fight a gunman


'Arson' investigated at mosque used by gunman


Google promoted Texas gunman fake tweets


'Pizzagate' gunman sentenced to four years


Putting the elementary school on lockdown stopped the California gunman from killing dozens of children
California shooting: Schoolteachers ‘saved’ children from gunman


California gunman 'had kill list'
Police have identified the gunman in UCLA murder-suicide


Paris Champs Elysees attack gunman named as Karim Cheurfi


Wife of Texas gunman Kelley describes abuse and death threats


Florida gunman 'tried to pick up men'


Texas gunman killed his estranged wife and seven friends


Bronx hospital: Ex-employee gunman 'quit after accusation'


Bangladesh attack: Police say hostage mistaken for gunman