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'Militants' killed in Kashmir gun battle


Afghan blasts: Kabul charity hit by bomb and gun attack


Militant mortar gun with aid convoy, says Russia


Four Jordanian policemen killed in gun battle
Jordanian security forces in gun battle
Four police killed in Jordan gun battle


'Robbery of the century': Brazen heist erupts into gun battles in Paraguay and Brazil
Huge robbery sparks gun battles in Paraguay and Brazil


These 4 countries have nearly eliminated gun deaths - here's what the US can learn
Police: California man killed wife before gun rampage


US gun control: Jeff Sessions announces review into background checks


Saudi Arabia executes prince for gun killing


Stephen Colbert gets passionate about Democrats' sit-in for gun control
Hundreds of celebrities signed an open letter demanding that Congress 'stop gun violence now'
Paul Ryan's tweet criticizing the Democratic sit-in on gun control is backfiring quickly
Democrat stage Congress sit-in over gun control
US Democrats end gun control sit-in
A former NASA engineer just created the world's largest Nerf gun
Democrats stage gun law protest in House of Representatives
Paul Ryan blasts gun control 'publicity stunt' that he says 'sets a very dangerous precedent'


GARY JOHNSON: If I had to choose between Clinton and Trump with a gun to my head, I'd 'let it go off'


'To every politician who is taking donations from the NRA, shame on you': Survivors of the Florida school shooting rage against gun lobby
'They just talk!' Trump blames Democrats for not acting on gun control earlier


Trump signs memorandum on gun 'bump stocks'
A planned national student march against gun violence is already raking in major donations
Florida shooting survivors rally for stricter gun controls
Trump pushes for ban on gun 'bump stocks'
Trump's first move on gun control after the Florida shooting may not work
Trump stakes out a position on gun reform: 'We must now focus on strengthening background checks'


Painting faces of young US gun victims


Orlando shootings: Democrats in 14-hour gun control filibuster
Orlando shootings: US senators stage gun control filibuster
Four major gun bills will be before the Senate Monday, but they're all unlikely to pass
'It's not quite that simple': CNN host grills Cory Booker on Second Amendment concerns on gun bill


The number of gun deaths in Chicago in 2016 has already topped last year


US Senate rejects gun control measure


An officer who helped end one of the worst school shootings in US history has a problem with Texas' new gun law
New Texas gun control law allows concealed guns on campus
There's a huge problem with Apple's plan to combat gun violence by changing an emoji


Eagles coach gave a brutally honest quote after one of his players was arrested and charged with having a loaded gun at an airport


A gun store is warning customers that 'prices will skyrocket after Crooked Hillary gets in'


Orlando shootings: Trump to push for tighter gun laws
The nation's largest group of doctors just declared gun violence a 'public health crisis'
People threatening to 'come back Orlando-style' highlights an unsettling side effect of gun violence


Taylor Swift shared a rare political statement in support of gun control: 'No one should have to go to school in fear'
March For Our Lives: US set for mass rallies to back gun control


Florida gun control bill passes state's House


Over 2,000 US schools walk out over gun violence


Police gun down 8 SIMI militants after they escape prison


Turkey car bomb and gun attack near courthouse in Izmir
Jarring footage shows gun battle and aftermath of car bombing in Turkey's Izmir
Turkey car bomb and gun attack on courthouse in Izmir


In one of his first major interviews since he was shot, Steve Scalise forcefully defends current gun laws


Plane hijackers had fake gun and grenade
BIDEN: As I watched a Trump rally in October, I said, 'Son of a gun - we may lose this election'


Bollywood actor cleared of gun charge


Man shoots himself in heart with nail gun


Congressional Democrats won't be trying another gun control 'sit-in' after the Las Vegas massacre
Celebrities respond to Las Vegas shooting and criticise American gun laws
How Americans really feel about gun control
Jimmy Kimmel tears up during emotional monologue on gun control and the Las Vegas shooting: 'It feels like someone has opened a window into hell'
There's an opportunity for a small, positive step on gun control


Obama urges gun debate after Orlando
A 13-year-old boy bought a weapon to prove a point about gun control


How to end the scourge of gun violence? Open dialogue


Trayvon Martin death gun to be auctioned
Trayvon Martin gun 'removed from sale'
One of Hillary Clinton's most prominently speculated-about VP picks slammed George Zimmerman's gun auction


Swapping pen for gun


A bipartisan group of lawmakers is bringing a new gun control bill forward after inaction from Congress after the Las Vegas shooting


'It's disgusting and it's a shame': Steve Kerr says it's time to look at America's gun crisis differently
Texas shooting: 'Hundreds more' would die from gun checks - Trump
Texas shooting: Trump rejects stricter gun checks
Trump says gun control laws would have led to 'hundreds more dead' in Texas shooting


Football match halted as owner takes gun on pitch
Greek football boss on pitch with gun
PAOK Salonika president invades pitch with gun


Australia MP George Christensen criticised over gun photo
The students who survived the Florida school shooting are planning something big to take the fight for gun safety nationwide


Intelligence documents suggest no smoking gun in Trump's wiretapping claims


LL Bean has raised the minimum age to buy a gun - and it's part of a trend that's sweeping the industry
Trump touts 'great' meeting with the NRA hours after Fox News' Tucker Carlson sniped at him for his embrace of gun control


Coolio arrested at Los Angeles airport, after loaded gun found


The Florida shooting suspect posted a chilling selfie with a toy gun on his 'disturbing' Instagram account


Traders worried about the market's sure-fire recession indicator are jumping the gun - and we're about to see why


At least 235 killed in Egypt gun and bomb attack
At least 184 die in Egypt gun and bomb attack
Egypt Sinai: Bomb and gun attack on mosque
At least 85 die in Egypt gun and bomb attack
Egypt Sinai: Bomb and gun attack on mosque 'kills 85'
Two hundred killed in Egypt gun and bomb attack


PAUL RYAN: Trump's comments about gun owners stopping Clinton was 'a joke gone bad'
US election: Anger over Donald Trump gun rights remarks


Trump at odds with Republican lawmakers over gun reforms
Trump's supporters can't decide whether he's flip-flopping on gun control or playing the 'long game'
Florida shooting: Walmart to restrict gun sales
President Trump to meet with video game execs after pointing to violent games as part of the gun violence problem
Trump: I've told NRA 'it's time' to strengthen gun laws
Trump emerges as a moderate on gun control, urging both regulation and respect for 2nd amendment


Jordan gun attacks: Stand-off with armed men in Karak ends


US Senate blocks Obama gun background checks rule


Trump just threw the GOP leadership's strategy on gun control under the bus
Florida lawmakers propose gun control laws
'I think you're afraid of the NRA': Trump blasts Republican lawmakers in bipartisan meeting on gun control
Dick's Sporting Goods says it followed 'all the rules' - and it still sold the suspected Florida shooter a gun


Burkina Faso gun attack kills 18 people at cafe


Why Britain doesn't play politics with gun tragedy


Florida shooting: State lawmakers pass gun control measures
Florida takes small step towards gun control


YouTube gets tougher on gun videos
'People against gun control haven't been shot at'
YouTube gun ban drives bloggers to PornHub


Deadly gun rampage at Austria concert


Gunmen attack Kazakh gun shops and army


Democrats are bucking civil-liberties and disability groups and trying to revisit a controversial gun measure that Trump rescinded
The Swiss own millions of guns, but have barely any gun deaths - here's what they do differently from the US
Raising the minimum age requirement for gun purchases is looking like a long shot for Congress


Just weeks after the deadliest mass shooting in modern history, a bipartisan gun control measure has fallen to the wayside


'A badass airplane with a big gun on it' - Congresswoman talks about flying the legendary A-10 Warthog


Huge gun haul stopped at Channel Tunnel


Man and wife accidentally shot during church gun safety talk
Man and wife accidentally shot in church in gun safety talk


Nevada's gun laws are receiving renewed scrutiny in the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting
Americans are more likely to die from gun violence than drowning, fire, stabbing, choking, airplanes, animal attacks, and forces of nature - combined
Country musician flips on gun control after Las Vegas massacre: 'I cannot express how wrong I was'
Where Americans are most likely to be killed by gun violence


March For Our Lives: Six key takeaways from the US gun control rallies
March For Our Lives: Global protests for US gun laws
France gun attack: Trèbes held memorial Mass for victims
France gun attack: Trèbes holds memorial Mass for victims
Killer Mike: Rapper defends gun ownership in NRA video
Tens of thousands of protestors in Washington take aim at politicians and the NRA to end gun violence


YouTube suspect visited gun range before attack


Washington state mall shooting: Suspect 'admits' gun attack


Tennessee bride 'put gun to groom's head and pulled trigger'


Italy's Macerata in driveby gun attack


After the Sandy Hook shooting, gun sales spiked - and so did accidental gun deaths
Justice Department interns confronted Jeff Sessions over police brutality, gun control, and marijuana


Las Vegas shooting: NRA urges new rules for gun 'bump-stocks'
Republicans are signaling that they might pass at least one gun control measure after Vegas shooting
NRA calls for crackdown on gun modifications


LA airport failed to spot gun in hand luggage


Comey hearing not a smoking gun for Trump


Eleven dead in Nigeria church gun attack
Eight dead in Nigeria church gun attack


Fort Lauderdale shooting suspect's gun 'given back after health tests'


Why this US woman is backing minority gun clubs


Are you ever denied a gun in Florida?
Orlando shooting: How do you get denied a gun in Florida?


House Democrats stage sit-in on US gun control
Stephen Colbert delivers a hailstorm of insults to the senate for failing to pass any gun control reform
Democrats hold Congress 'sit-in' protest to force gun control vote
A psychologist explains why the Orlando terror attack isn't likely to change anyone's opinion about gun control


'Sex traffickers put a gun to my head'


Mexico gun attack on children's party in Tizayuca kills 11


A West Virginia cop was fired for not shooting a man with an unloaded gun
Police kill 13-year-old armed with replica gun


Trump praises 'bravery' of Vegas gun victims
Here's how easy it is to legally buy a semiautomatic gun
The gun store owner who sold the Virginia Tech shooter his weapon says he has a gut instinct about who should and shouldn't get a gun


Orlando shootings: Details of gun battle emerge
Orlando shootings: Grieving mother begs for gun law change
Orlando club shootings: Full fury of gun battle emerges
Talking gun control


Matt Damon says he doesn't think 'sensible' US gun control will happen 'in my lifetime'


Shoes laid outside the US Capitol in Washington represent young victims of gun violence.


Trump has a unique chance to get something major done on gun control - if he feels like it


Trump responds to terror attacks by bashing political correctness, gun control, and London's mayor


A Southwest Airlines pilot was arrested with a loaded gun at a TSA checkpoint


How US gun culture compares with the world


Four key dates that shaped the US gun debate
Florida school shooting: US investment giant pressures gun firms
Florida school shooting: US investment giant leans on gun firms


Orly airport: Man killed after taking soldier's gun
Orly airport: Man killed after seizing soldier's gun


US Senate rejects terror list gun sale restrictions
Samantha Bee rips Republicans and the NRA for blocking gun control laws
US Senate rejects gun control bills
A mom used this photo of her 3-year-old to make a powerful statement about gun control


Canada introduces new gun control measures


Katie Couric takes responsibility for 'misleading' part of gun violence documentary


'We're watching it all unfold': We've reached a fever pitch in the debate over gun control


2 under-the-radar members of the Trump family are quietly speaking out in support of gun control
The odds that a gun will kill the average American may surprise you
Hundreds of thousands rally for gun control legislation


Watch the US Marine Corps' F-35 run and gun for the first time


This map shows where gun dealers outnumber Starbucks locations across the US


Police gun down at least 18 Maoists near Andhra-Odisha border


Walmart sorry for 'horrible' gun display


States with stricter gun control and higher mental health expenditure have fewer school shootings, study finds


Charlotte police: Keith Scott was warned to drop gun


Watch an Israeli airstrike take out a Syrian machine gun and 2 tanks


Florida shooting: Should US gun raffles be cancelled?
Trump U-turn over gun owner background checks
Florida school shooting: Trump 'supportive' of better gun background checks
Trump just signaled an openness to move on gun control after the Florida high school shooting


Insane video shows what it's like to get shot at by the A-10 Warthog's 30mm Gatling gun
Teenager kills classmates in gun rampage


Father kills himself over toddler's gun death


2 hurt as gun goes off during French President's speech


Las Vegas shooting victims' lawsuits are rolling in - and they're suing everyone but the gun makers


NRA spokeswoman calls the Parkland gunman an 'insane monster' who should never have gotten a gun
Florida shooting survivor implores Trump to pass stricter gun laws: 'Let's never let this happen again. Please. Please.'
Students, parents, educators, politicians, and the NRA engage in a heated discussion on gun violence


MLB Hall of Famer and avid hunter Chipper Jones makes surprising call for stricter gun laws
Trump slams armed Florida deputy and says he would have ran into the Florida school during the shooting even without a gun
Switzerland has a stunningly high rate of gun ownership -here's why they don't have mass shootings
Melania Trump gave a rare public speech in which she spoke out about gun violence


Here's what can happen to your brain and body when you shoot a gun


Brit jailed for trying to grab gun at Trump rally


If you have a gun and like to jump, crawl, and run, here's your chance to get in on the $25 billion Snapchat IPO


Rubio: Tougher gun control 'wouldn't have prevented attack'
Hillary Clinton calls for greater measures to combat ISIS, advocates for stricter gun control


New York's strict gun laws are being undercut by the 'Iron Pipeline'


100 taken hostage in gun battle at luxury hotel


Trump bundled off stage over false gun scare


Is a spy drone giving you nightmares? Here’s a Drone Jammer gun to relieve you of all your worries


LeBron James and other NBA stars give moving speech asking athletes to help end gun violence


Water gun festival beats heat in downtown Seoul


Australian police find loaded gun in biker's bottom


Göring's golden gun up for sale


Munich shooting: Officer critically injured with police gun


Injuries from gun violence cost the United States at least $734 million per year


The Democrats' 25-hour gun control sit-in didn't have anything to do with gun control
Australia's mass shootings dropped to zero after gun reforms
Amy Schumer once again skewers politicians over gun control


Every major gun control bill proposed since the Las Vegas massacre is losing ground in Congress


Egypt attack: Nine dead in gun attack on church near Cairo


10 heartbreaking stories from gun violence survivors in America


This is where Donald Trump stands on gun control
Here is where Hillary Clinton stands on gun control


Watch a British Reaper drone obliterate an ISIS heavy machine gun truck


US gun laws: Colorado to arm teachers in classrooms


There's a straightforward way to find out if gun stocks are in your retirement fund
Florida school shooting: One mother, two gun attacks


Pakistan top judge's kidnapped son rescued after gun battle


Survivors and families affected by gun violence made an emotional appearance at the Democratic National Convention


Red faces as Kalashnikov statue shows Nazi gun


Australia announces national gun amnesty


Kazakhstan: Three police and civilian killed in Almaty gun attack
Kazakhstan: Three police and civilian killed in 'Islamist' Almaty gun attack


The world's largest asset manager will exclude gun manufacturers and retailers from its newest investment products


Darknet admin arrested over Munich massacre gun


US priest pulls out gun in Florida road rage incident


Meet 6 of the most prominent young people leading the fight against gun violence


RYAN CAVES: House speaker tells GOP he will allow vote on gun measure, source says


Burlington gun attack: Four women shot dead at US shopping centre


Israelis injured in gun attack near Jerusalem holy site


This is what the inside of a gun looks like when it's being fired


Criminals steal more than 237,000 guns from legal American gun owners every year


Man shot 'accidentally' at Denver gun show


Chris Brown allegedly threatened a woman with a gun


PornHub greets bloggers after YouTube gun ban introduced


The Texas church shooting gunman should never have been able to buy a gun


Japan has almost completely eliminated gun deaths - here's how


Michael Sandford denies Donald Trump rally gun charge


This floating gun sculpture has a powerful message


Singer Chris Brown arrested for 'pointing gun at woman'


Munich mall attack: Calls in Germany for tighter gun laws
Munich attack: Calls in Germany for tighter gun laws


US gun laws: House votes to loosen background checks rules


Washington State gun attack suspect in custody


Baltimore's 11-day homicide-free streak ends in gun death


Europe gets tougher on gun control