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An Illinois GOP senator sniped at his Democratic opponent's heritage during a debate


French election: Macron 'most convincing' in final debate
French election: 'Unworthy' debate was still great viewing
French election: Macron declared 'winner' of final debate
French election: Macron and Le Pen both claim debate success
Le Pen and Macron clash in crucial French election debate


Chinese general's suicide sparks media debate


You can vote on potential questions for the next presidential debate - here are the top 5 so far
The look on attendees of the vice presidential debate says it all
Liberal pundits concede: Mike Pence won the vice presidential debate
Hillary Clinton's campaign scooped up 'ThatMexicanThing.com' after Mike Pence mentioned the phrase during the debate
Mike Pence 'won' the debate by pretending Donald Trump doesn't exist
Focus group's reaction to one Mike Pence moment had pollster calling it the 'knockout punch' of the debate
Tim Kaine couldn't stop interrupting Mike Pence during the vice presidential debate
US election: Vice-presidential debate - two styles of attack
#ThatMexicanThing: Twitter anger at Mike Pence over debate comments
CNN INSTANT POLL: Mike Pence scores victory at vice presidential debate
Kaine and Pence trade blows in feisty VP debate


Trump 'like silverback gorilla' in debate
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off in their second presidential debate tonight - watch it unfold here
CNN INSTANT POLL: Clinton scores decisive victory over Trump in second debate
'You'd be in jail': Key points from TV debate
In unusual debate moment, Trump says he 'disagrees' with his running mate over Syria policy
One of the debate questioners became an instant internet sensation
Viewership of the second presidential debate dropped by a lot
'There he goes again': Mark Cuban live-tweeted the whole debate - here's what he said
The most important quotes of the second presidential debate
'Let me repeat the question': Martha Raddatz jumps into relentless debate with Trump over Syria
Trump fends off sexism claims in Clinton debate
People are wondering if there's a hidden meaning in the blouse Melania Trump wore to the debate
Trump v Clinton: Sex, lies and videotape at US presidential debate
The internet is freaking out over Donald Trump's odd demeanor during the second presidential debate
Trump campaign planned for Bill Clinton's accusers to confront him on national television at the debate
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump didn't shake hands at the start of the second presidential debate
Here's where you can buy the red sweater that helped one debate questioner become a viral sensation
Trump and Clinton spar over Obamacare during presidential debate
'Let off hook by Hillary': debate verdicts
Donald Trump's debate performance once again featured a bunch of apparent sniffling
A fly landed directly on Hillary Clinton's face during the second presidential debate


The meaning of UK's debate over Trump visit


Iran election: Fierce exchanges in final TV debate


Key moments from the US presidential debate
Trevor Noah mocks Donald Trump's sniffing problem at the first presidential debate
NBCUniversal boss was 'very worried' watching the first US election debate
The most important quotes of the first presidential debate
Trump: I didn't sniffle at the first debate
Glenn Beck reacts to Cruz's praise for Trump's debate performance: 'I think my head is going to explode'
'It was a real problem': Trump criticizes pageant winner's weight after Clinton's debate jab
The stock market surged during the presidential debate
Trump and Clinton clash in first presidential debate
5 pieces of evidence that Hillary Clinton won the big presidential debate
Thai tourism video stirs cultural heritage debate
Seth Meyers gave a hilarious breakdown of the first presidential debate
Top environmental group releases ad of Trump's face melting to mock debate climate-change comments
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's debate body language
FOCUS GROUPS: Hillary Clinton was the clear winner of first presidential debate


'SNL' spoofs the 'second and worst ever' presidential debate
US Election 2016: Trump challenges Clinton to drug test before debate


Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi to miss UN General Assembly debate


'African gangs' debate polarises Australia
Child pregnancies reignite sexual abuse debate in Turkey


One of America's most famous tech VCs was kicked out of the Ritz for wearing sneakers and it started a huge debate about whether London is really a tech hub


US presidential debates: How do you debate Donald Trump?
Trump and Clinton are set to face off in what's expected to be the most watched debate ever
Pair of national polls find race deadlocked hours before Trump and Clinton debate showdown
'You aren't addressing what I'm asking you': Trump campaign manager grilled over false debate claim
GOLDMAN: The Trump/Clinton debate is the biggest fight since the Mayweather/Pacquiao bout


Australia Day: Music countdown moved over indigenous debate


Russian girl's suicide prompts national debate


Three things Vegas voters did during presidential debate
The most important quotes from the last presidential debate
The final presidential debate in full
Stephen Colbert rips apart Donald Trump for his most shocking answer at the presidential debate
Donald Trump didn't face a single debate question about climate change during his candidacy
Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump at his own debate game
People are raving about the Fox News anchor who moderated the last presidential debate
Focus group's reaction to one Hillary Clinton debate moment had pollster calling it a 'disaster'
Quite possibly the cruelest thing Trump said at the debate last night
'A billionaire spiv': MPs savage Sir Philip Green in knighthood debate


US election 2016: Clinton and Trump face final debate
Trump invites Obama's half-brother to debate
Donald Trump is bringing Obama's estranged half-brother to the final presidential debate
There's something really bizarre about how Clinton prepared to debate Trump
The Clinton campaign reportedly asked for one major change for the final debate - and it's because of Donald Trump


Mike Pence and Tim Kaine to clash in VP debate


Catalan crisis: Regional MPs to debate Spain takeover bid
Catalan crisis: Regional MPs debate Spain takeover bid


Chinese actress' death sparks cancer treatment debate
Guessing who will win the Iron Throne is the most pointless 'Game of Thrones' debate
Here's everything you need to know about the first Clinton-Trump presidential debate


China rebukes Australians over influence debate 'hysteria'


'I'm not going to have that debate right now': Chelsea Manning really doesn't want to talk about WikiLeaks


POLL: Support is growing for the trade deal that has sparked a contentious debate in the campaign


Childish Gambino's new music video has sparked debate


France 'burkini ban': Images of police on beach fuel debate


Clinton accuses Trump of 'stalking' her in debate
Clinton on Trump 'stalking' her around debate stage: 'You could just sense how much anger he had'


India breastfeeding magazine cover ignites debate
India 'breastfeeding' magazine cover sparks debate


Australia debate over overweight models in Sports Illustrated show


Canberra 'city to visit' listing revives Australian debate
Rape allegations prompt EU Parliament debate


Japan court sentences tattooist in 'art or medical' debate


Here's how much it costs for a university to host a presidential debate
US election: Trump camp on attack ahead of debate


LGBT film breaks taboos and ignites debate in South Africa
Female pedestrian signals ignite debate in Australia


Italian town at centre of bitter race hate debate


Leaked memo: Fox News VP reminds staff online debate polls 'do not meet our editorial standards'
Hillary Clinton is up slightly in the first major poll after the debate
The Trump campaign claims it pulled in $18 million in new fundraising less than 24 hours after first debate
Seth Meyers tackles Donald Trump and his supporters' claims that Clinton lost the debate


Clinton campaign responds to reports that Bill Clinton's ex-mistress will attend the presidential debate as Trump's guest
Donald Trump unleashes on 'dopey' Mark Cuban, threatens to seat ex-Bill Clinton mistress next to him at debate


Pharma CEOs got into a heated debate over why people hate the industry


DJ's death stirs up euthanasia debate
Australian senator sorry for 'flea' comment in asylum debate


Italian election dominated by immigration debate
Gus Kenworthy's dog adoption in South Korea sparks debate
Chrissy Teigen jokingly flew with an 'emotional support casserole' and made a point about how bizarre the debate over support animals on planes has become


Hillary Clinton mocks Donald Trump for 'lurking' over her during the second presidential debate


Dabbing in the Dáil: Richard Boyd Barrett explains dance move during drugs debate


Trevor Noah rails against transgender bathroom debate and compares it to segregation


Ted Cruz and Texas Republicans' votes on Hurricane Sandy relief has reignited a heated debate over disaster relief


Le Pen and Macron clash in first TV debate
France election: Leading candidates clash over burkini in TV debate


AthenaHealth CEO: Here's what everyone gets wrong in the debate over drug prices


Programmers are having a big debate over the ethics of secretly automating their jobs and working a couple of hours a week
Fox Sports fires Jamie Horowitz, the architect of sports TV debate culture, and it sounds like the situation is about to get ugly


G20: Trump and Putin debate US election hack at first meeting


China meets Australian ambassador amid 'influence' debate


A five-hour debate in Rajya Sabha could pave the road for GST clearance


Why this photo of two politicians from opposite sides hugging says so much about Australia's same-sex marriage debate


Fear is front and centre of immigration debate


'Don't interrupt me while I'm interrupting you!': Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders ribbed each other nonstop at CNN's debate on tax reform


Georgia politicians fight during heated TV debate


Trump's North Korea tweets renew debate over nuclear authority


The UK government is going to debate closing all shops on boxing day after a petition reached 100,000 signatures


Here are the presidential debate moderators


MARK CUBAN: I 'haven't been asked' to play Trump in Clinton's debate prep


A public debate about John McCain's funeral arrangement is playing out in an oddly public fashion


Trump's "shithole" comment has revived a debate about calling Trump a 'racist'


'It's going to be a very unfair debate': Donald Trump calls for a debate with no moderator


US election 2016: Reaction to key debate moments
Hillary Clinton campaign burns Trump after he tweets he 'won' debate


Donald Trump tentatively agrees to debate Bernie Sanders


Assisted dying: Australia state lawmakers in 26-hour debate


Obama urges gun debate after Orlando


The moderator of the first presidential debate just selected its topics


Watch Stephen Colbert debate whether Trump actually reads what he's signing


Former KKK leader David Duke qualifies for debate in Louisiana's US Senate race


Mayoral candidate in Florida tells demonstrators to 'go back to Africa' during heated debate


Afghan boy in Germany thanks Merkel during migrant debate


'Hillary Clinton is resting': Donald Trump balks at suggestion he's preparing for the next debate


Papa John's CEO just joined the NFL national anthem protest debate - and it's not the first time the Trump donor has gotten political


Kate Steinle's death at the hands of a Mexican national became a flashpoint in the immigration debate - here's the story behind her killing


One of the most controversial plays in NFL history is at the center of the new catch rule debate


Chinese debate medical rights after pregnant woman's suicide


IBM's new AI supercomputer can argue, rebut and debate humans


Kenya TV election debate has just one candidate


France election: Le Pen and Macron clash over Europe in TV debate


Japanese politician brings baby to assembly sparking debate


Austrian TV debate turns to 'slugfest'


India hit-and-run: Driver arrested amid compassion debate


Brazil in marathon impeachment debate


Five key moments from BBC debate
The actress at the center of the Photoshopped armpit debate has the last word


One of the most powerful men in motorsports says the grid girl debate is 'bulls***' - and he wants more women in Formula 1 racing


The largest hotel company in the world is caught in a debate over 'panic buttons' and how to protect employees


Trump challenges Clinton to drug test before next debate
Trump calls for 'drug test' before next debate


Paul Krugman weighs in on the Apple tax debate


Le Pen and Macron to face off in French election debate
Macron and Le Pen to face off in TV debate


KitKat is a biscuit and Parachute Coconut oil is edible! That's the new topic for GST debate


Hacked email suggests Donna Brazile leaked question to Hillary Clinton campaign ahead of CNN primary debate


Mark Cuban weighs in on the potential Donald Trump-Bernie Sanders debate
TRUMP: It would be 'inappropriate' to debate Bernie right now


Charlie Gard: British baby at the center of global debate


Charles Barkley heard a word in the 'laurel'-versus-'yanny' debate that nobody else is hearing


FACT CHECK: DNC chair Donna Brazile did not leak questions to Hillary Clinton before debate


Four key dates that shaped the US gun debate


Uganda MPs fight during parliament debate


'Harmful' robot aims to spark AI debate


India news channel NDTV uses mime in media freedom debate
India news channel uses mimes in media freedom debate


Gerard Pique: Barcelona man prepared to quit Spain duty amid independence debate


There's a funny debate about whether the screenwriter for Steven Soderbergh's new movie is a real person
LIVE: The Senate healthcare debate moves into its third day


Yellen's new job will ensure she stays active in the debate over Fed policy


Fatal attack reignites shark cull debate in Australia


Apple tax: Irish parliament to debate European Commission ruling


Grape debate


Poll shows how divided Americans have become in the debate about Confederate monuments and flags


US relations with Cuba could become a bargaining chip in the healthcare debate


Britain's only pro-Brexit party claims it isn't invited to take part in the BBC's EU referendum debate


Jude Law hopes Pope role will spark debate
Trump's Twitter debate lead was 'swelled by bots'


Trump stirs debate in remarks on American Civil War


Matt Drudge is mysteriously missing in action on the healthcare debate


Legal debate


Brexit: Highlights of European Parliament debate in Brussels
Brexit vote: Bitter exchanges in EU parliament debate


Obamacare: US senators debate plans to replace health policy
LIVE: The Senate debate on an Obamacare repeal plan continues


'You just did it again': NBC hosts grill Mike Pence for 7 minutes over dodging debate questions


BERNIE: Hillary is 'really insulting' voters by refusing to debate
China cannot digest Tim Cook’s Apple plans for India, triggers debate


Donald Trump just threw a wrench into the debate about immigration


Australia cements Solomon Islands deal amid China influence debate


Clinton campaign gives Mark Cuban a front-row seat for Monday's titanic debate


The Obamacare debate isn't over


'SNL' mocks the third and final debate with some help from guest host Tom Hanks


Get ready for 7-hour GST debate in Lok Sabha today. Here are the details


Here's the reason Netflix was downgraded, and the debate behind it


Gordon Ramsay has sparked a furious debate on Twitter after mocking vegans and animal rights group PETA


Trump backs out of Sanders debate


Fox News poll confirms: Hillary Clinton won the debate in a landslide


Paul Nuttall dominates the first UKIP leadership debate - while Farage enjoys a night at a nearby pub
CNN president Jeff Zucker: We have conducted 'complete investigation' into leaks of debate questions


Germany election: Merkel holds ground in TV debate
No killer blow in 'crucial' Germany debate


Airbnb joined the same-sex marriage debate in Australia with its new ad campaign


The difference in GOP rhetoric from this 1980 debate is astounding


Nicaragua unrest: Protesters confront Ortega in televised debate


The real worry with Betsy DeVos as education secretary isn't what has dominated public debate


'We're watching it all unfold': We've reached a fever pitch in the debate over gun control


Clinton campaign manager: We haven't found our 'Donald Trump' yet for debate prep


NFL owners are reportedly considering a rule that would require players to stand for the national anthem - and it could spark a debate over players' rights


Hillary Clinton: 'My skin crawled' in Trump debate


Find out what made Modi and Jaitley laugh really hard amid debate on demonetization in Rajya Sabha


Clinton should challenge Trump: A debate every week until the election


MPs will debate whether Donald Trump should be given a UK state visit
UK parliament to debate Brexit bill


Transgender Virginia candidate wins historic election against opponent who refused to debate her and referred to her with male pronouns
House tax bill hearing explodes as Democrat tells GOP member 'we'll settle that outside' during amendment debate


French election: Candidates face first TV debate


Dutch election: PM warns against populism in TV debate with Wilders


Britain's curry chefs spice up Brexit debate


Mugabe impeachment: Zimbabwe MPs debate motion against president