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The mysterious creator of bitcoin is sitting on $700 million of the digital currency


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HOWARD MARKS: 'I see no reason why bitcoin can't be a currency'


This tiny football team just announced itself to the world by becoming the first to ever buy a player with bitcoin


The founder of Ethereum just called the man who claims to have invented bitcoin a 'fraud'


8 years ago a programmer paid 10,000 bitcoin for 2 Papa John's pizzas - now it's the most celebrated day in crypto


TOP STRATEGIST: bitcoin will soar to $25,000 in 5 years
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The bitcoin exchange Coinbase has been ordered to hand the IRS info on 14,355 of its highest-rolling customers
Billionaire Carl Icahn says bitcoin is a lot like an obscure bubble involving swampland in Mississippi
A 'Big Four' accounting firm is accepting bitcoin payments
Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein says it's too soon for the bank to need a bitcoin plan


An investing legend is making a killing after putting 1% of his net worth in bitcoin


A Chicago trading firm is setting up shop in Singapore to dominate the bitcoin market in Asia
One of the largest hedge funds in the world is ready to add bitcoin to its 'investment universe'


GOLDMAN SACHS WARNS: Risks are rising that bitcoin will fall through the February lows


You can now rent a Kodak-branded bitcoin mining rig - but you'll have to hand over half of the profits you make
Coinbase blames extreme buyer demand for last month's bitcoin cash disaster
ProShares and VanEck are withdrawing their requests for bitcoin ETFs
Warren Buffett says bitcoin 'definitely will come to a bad ending'


US indicts alleged Russian money-laundering 'mastermind' behind $4 billion bitcoin exchange


Jamie Dimon bashes bitcoin again, says cryptocurrencies 'are kind of a novelty'
THE BOTTOM LINE: The 'Trump trade' is back and Ray Dalio breaks down the bitcoin bubble


Bitcoin dives after the SEC shoots down plans for another bitcoin ETF


This 25-year-old made a fortune in bitcoin - now he travels the world partying and plotting the future of money
Wall Street's biggest bear thinks bitcoin will surge to $6,000


Money is pouring into bitcoin cash after bitcoin crashed more than $1,000 in 48 hours


The first investor in Snapchat thinks bitcoin could realistically be worth $500,000 by 2030


I bought bitcoin at a deli - here's how it works


We bought and sold bitcoin - here's how it works


Some cryptocurrency traders in South Korea took the bitcoin 'bloodbath' to a whole new level
Morgan Stanley is jumping on the bitcoin futures bandwagon


Wall Street analyst unleashes on Jamie Dimon and everyone else calling bitcoin a fraud
A former Virtu trader has created a platform that could help bitcoin traders in China get around a ban


What you need to know about bitcoin after the split


Cboe is racing to launch bitcoin futures trading ahead of rival CME
Venezuela plans its own version of bitcoin
Drug dealers are laundering cash at bitcoin ATMs, London police say


We talked to the chief investment strategist at $6 trillion fund giant BlackRock about stocks, bitcoin and the Fed


A company investing in the future of bitcoin tech is splitting its stock in 10 after it soars 1,600%
Someone is selling a 'spectacular' penthouse in Miami - but they're only accepting bitcoin
The 5 issues to consider before trading bitcoin futures


US regulators just gave the green light to bitcoin futures trading
The bitcoin exchange Coinbase is down again
Cboe's president hints at ether and bitcoin cash futures
Google searches for bitcoin pass Trump for the first time
This is one of the best responses to Jamie Dimon calling bitcoin a fraud that we have heard so far


Square made $200,000 trading bitcoin


One Wall Street analyst just doubled his bitcoin forecast to $11,500


A Wall Street legend is backing a bitcoin trading startup


A junior banker in Italy hijacked servers from his company to mine bitcoin - and thousands of others are doing similar things


Some of the biggest trading firms in the world are getting in on the bitcoin business
The biggest exchange group in the world is unexpectedly gatecrashing the bitcoin business


One country dominates the global bitcoin market


Bitcoin futures launch sends bitcoin up $1,000
The market for bitcoin futures is heating up


North Korea may be behind a massive cyber attack on a South Korean bitcoin exchange that caused it to collapse
A partner at one of the top bitcoin trading firms told us why crypto is 'such an amazingly fun space to be in'
THE BOTTOM LINE: Chipotle vs. Qdoba, the bear case on Apple, and diagnosing a bitcoin bubble


A British TV star is suing Facebook for defamation over 'scam' bitcoin adverts


Here's what gambling markets are saying about next week's big bitcoin decision


These 2 companies are riding the bitcoin wave and their stocks have skyrocketed by more than 1,000%


The CEO of bitcoin exchange Mt Gox described what it was like to discover he had been hacked: 'It felt like I was about to die'


Over half a dozen residents of this San Francisco 'castle' have become bitcoin millionaires - take a look inside
This 18-year-old digital-currency millionaire thinks bitcoin could hit $10,000 a coin


Look inside the surreal world of an Icelandic bitcoin mine, where they literally make digital money


The CEO of one of China's largest biggest bitcoin exchanges says regulation is inevitable


The 'Game of Thrones' hackers are asking for millions of dollars worth of bitcoin


CRYPTO CLAWS: Katy Perry is getting on the bitcoin bandwagon with cryptocurrency nail paint
The president of the New York Stock Exchange pours cold water on a bitcoin ETF
CRYPTO INSIDER: Robinhood branches into bitcoin
Robinhood dives into cryptocurrency with free bitcoin and ethereum trading


People thought they caught JPMorgan buying bitcoin after Jamie Dimon called it a 'fraud' - but that's not what happened


A bitcoin exchange that got hacked for $65 million says all its customers will lose 36% of their funds


Mark Carney's biggest speech of the year is going to be about fintech and the technology behind bitcoin


Interactive Brokers chairman warns about the dangers of bitcoin futures in a full-page Wall Street Journal ad
Square's Venmo rival is testing a feature that lets users buy and sell bitcoin


Bitcoin will likely split into 2 - and it's all because of bitcoin cash
One of the largest bitcoin exchanges in the world will not support bitcoin cash


IBM is using the technology behind bitcoin to help businesses in countries with weak banking systems


Nasdaq is set to launch bitcoin futures
2 of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges are experiencing issues as bitcoin surges past $11,000


Here's why the crackdown on bitcoin in China is 'not a real problem' for the digital currency


The price of bitcoin is rocketing on Trump's shock win


BITCOIN EXCHANGE: Orders for bitcoin cash are 'exploding'
One of the biggest exchange groups in the world has partnered with the Winklevoss twins' bitcoin startup


The US has reportedly opened a criminal probe into market manipulation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies


Bitcoin falls after CME Group launches bitcoin futures


The world's largest basic income experiment just received a $5 million donation in bitcoin
The mysterious bitcoin tycoon who promised to give away their $86 million fortune just made another donation


The largest options exchange in the US is moving in on a $1.6 billion bitcoin opportunity


Is bitcoin a bubble or the future of everything?


Dubai developer sells apartments for bitcoin


Ethereum is spiking as bitcoin splits in 2


I spent a day trying to pay for things with bitcoin and a bar of gold
Bitcoin is sliding after bitcoin gold goes live


Janet Yellen says bitcoin is a highly speculative asset - but the Fed played a key role in its rise


Blockchain opens 10 millionth bitcoin wallet after Brexit and Trump boost


Coinbase is investigating insider trading after it enables - and then disables - bitcoin cash trading


This top bitcoin booster thinks the cryptocurrency will hit $40,000 a coin this year - but believes 90% of other ones will fail


Here's why the Chinese love bitcoin


Just days after its harrowing user exodus, Coinbase has decided to add support for bitcoin cash by 2018


The price of bitcoin is at a 2016 high


Nvidia's bitcoin boom is over, but this investor says the bigger opportunity is just starting
CRYPTO INSIDER: Nvidia's bitcoin boom goes bust


A former Goldman Sachs VP who founded a crypto hedge fund says betting on bitcoin is like betting on the internet in the 90s


We just got a glimpse of how bitcoin futures will work


Paying taxes on bitcoin isn't nearly as hard as it sounds
N. Korea may be making a fortune from bitcoin


A Wall Street consultancy eviscerated crypto in a massive report - and it should strike fear into the heart of every bitcoin bull
A letter to Jamie Dimon - and anyone else still struggling to understand bitcoin and cryptocurrencies


This chart shows just how much the price of bitcoin has soared over the past year


THE BOTTOM LINE: The bitcoin debate, stretched stock valuations and PGIM's David Hunt
Here's what 6 of the most powerful Wall Streeters have to say about bitcoin


CRYPTO INSIDER: 50 Cent is a bitcoin millionaire
This 18-year-old bitcoin millionaire is traveling the world recruiting an A-team to build an alternative to the 'corrupt' world of cryptocurrency
Rapper 50 Cent says he made millions selling his album for bitcoin
'Mrs. Watanabe' is back: How the archetypal Japanese housewife is fueling the bitcoin craze


Betting against bitcoin is about to get a lot more expensive
Online brokerage giant TD Ameritrade is gearing up for bitcoin futures
An app for buying and selling bitcoin has rocketed to the top of the iPhone App Store charts


'Put your money where your mouth is': Winklevoss twin challenges bitcoin hater Bill Gates
The owner of New York Stock Exchange is reportedly working on a bitcoin exchange


A wildly popular bitcoin stock is popping after a 91-for-1 split
2 bitcoin traders were held at gunpoint in an armed raid in rural England


"The guardrails haven't been found yet": The execs behind a big Wall Street bitcoin partnership say crypto is still in its infancy


A former hedge fund manager says bitcoin is headed to $10,000 in 6-10 months
8 surprising places where you can pay with bitcoin


Goldman Sachs is flirting with bitcoin trading


Santander is letting staff use the tech behind bitcoin to send money to each other


The tea company that planned to buy bitcoin mining machines is backpedaling on its plans


Blockchain and bitcoin companies raised $290 million in the last 6 months


Crypto investors are hopeful that Mt Gox's bitcoin sell-off will be halted until September


One of the world's biggest video game services, Steam, has stopped accepting bitcoin because it's so volatile
Thieves stole potentially millions of dollars in bitcoin in a hacking attack on a cryptocurrency company


A small band of trading specialists are taking calls about $50 million bitcoin deals


Forget stealing data - these hackers broke into Amazon's cloud to mine bitcoin


The world's most valuable bitcoin startup just grabbed an ex-Twitter exec to make cryptocurrency more user-friendly


Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin may become a target in the fight against ransomware


From HODL to the moon: All the cryptocurrency slang you need to know to sound like a bitcoin expert


Gemini, the crypto exchange founded by the Winklevoss twins, extends maintenance after massive bitcoin sell-off
Here's what bitcoin futures could mean for the price of bitcoin
Now there is a way for contagion from a bitcoin price collapse to flow into the rest of the markets


I tried to buy $1 of bitcoin from a Las Vegas ATM - and it just proves how far bitcoin is from replacing regular money


Nobel economist Stiglitz sees no legal functions for bitcoin - "We have a good medium of exchange called the dollar"


Cryptocurrency market cracks $300 billion as bitcoin and ethereum flirt with big milestones


Meet the richest bitcoin and crypto-billionaires who are worth more than $17 billion combined


THE BOTTOM LINE: A lot of talk of a bitcoin bubble and a few good reasons to believe tech isn't one
Shiller says bitcoin is the best example of a bubble in the market today


Trump's budget chief loves gold and bitcoin


The world's biggest bitcoin wallet provider will have a record month thanks to Trump


Economist Jim Rickards on gold versus bitcoin - intrinsic value is meaningless for both but the bitcoin prices aren't real


Bitcoin is skyrocketing because 2 of the biggest exchange groups in the world are launching bitcoin futures - here's what that means


A bitcoin trading firm that's taking calls about $50 million deals just made 3 big appointments


There's an easy way to bet on bitcoin - but it'll cost you


Why bitcoin checks all the boxes of a bubble
US woman used bitcoin to move cash to Islamic State, police say
A woman from New York could spend 90 years in prison for allegedly sending bitcoin to ISIS


North Korea has allegedly been stealing bitcoin from South Korea for years


Hackers stole $60 million from a bitcoin exchange in a massive heist


The cost of bitcoin payments is skyrocketing because the network is totally overloaded


Stocks just entered a correction - but bitcoin is still doing much worse


Icelandic bitcoin heist suspect escapes jail and flees the country - on the same plane as the Prime Minister


Why this New York City preschool accepts bitcoin but doesn't accept credit cards


'The market is robust:' A trader backed by Goldman Sachs bumps up the minimum to make a bitcoin trade to $500,000


The financial watchdog charged with regulating bitcoin futures just gave its employees the green light to trade crypto


BITCOIN MINER: The rise of Ethereum could help some bitcoin miners


Mark Cuban is backing a new cryptocurrency fund months after calling bitcoin a 'bubble'


A major bitcoin conference is no longer accepting bitcoin payments because the fees and lag have gotten so bad


Venture capitalists don't appear to be sold on the technology underlying bitcoin


There's a bitcoin rapper called CoinDaddy, and he's just one of the fantastic characters in San Francisco's bizarre crypto culture


The founder of bust bitcoin exchange Mt Gox took questions on Tether, the future of crypto, and losing 35kgs in prison - here are 6 things we learned


CME head says bitcoin futures will consider the coin's wild volatility and attract young people to the futures market


A model who says she was kidnapped says auctions for women like her go for $300,000 worth of bitcoin


The iced tea company that said it would buy 1,000 bitcoin mining machines is backpedaling on its plans


Mark Cuban is trying to fix social media's biggest problems by backing a company mixing bitcoin technology with messaging


Armed raiders who held 2 bitcoin traders at gunpoint in rural England didn't actually manage to steal anything


We talked to Charles Schwab's investment strategist about what 2018 holds for equities, the Fed, and bitcoin


2 of China's biggest cryptocurrency exchanges are shutting down trading - but bitcoin is soaring


You can now practice trading CME bitcoin futures


This is the dark web advert a drug dealer used to sell fentanyl for bitcoin