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Details emerge about passenger who was dragged from United flight
We recently interviewed United Airlines' CEO about turning the company around - here's what he had to say
United shares fall after passenger incident
United Airlines CEO won a PR award for 'communicator of the year' in March
United boss apologises for dragged passenger
United Airlines shows how to make a PR crisis a total disaster
United Airlines CEO has finally apologized
United Airlines boss sorry for 'horrific' passenger removal
People are defending United passenger after reports emerge of his 'troubled past' and CEO calls him 'belligerent'
United Airlines is finally taking a hit after forcibly kicking a passenger off a plane
United CEO says removed passenger was 'disruptive and belligerent'
People are threatening to boycott United after a passenger was dragged off the flight
Bill O'Reilly laughs at 'bizarre' United Airlines incident where a passenger was dragged off of a flight
The United Airlines incident shows how few rights you have on a flight
United Airlines CEO: There are lessons we can learn from this experience
Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway lost up to $58.5 million after the United debacle
United boss defiant in dragged passenger memo
United Airlines: Eyewitness on how passenger was dragged off plane
United Airlines: Shares drop after passenger dragging video
United shares slump after man dragged off plane
Sean Spicer: Video of United passenger being dragged off plane was troubling and disturbing
United Airlines ignored an easy solution before dragging a customer off the plane
'He was a really sweet man': fellow passenger defends United customer dragged off flight
The government is now reviewing the United Airlines incident where a man was dragged off a plane
Emirates is trolling United Airlines CEO in a new commercial
There's a simple economic reason why the United Airlines incident happened - and why it will probably happen again
More than 50,000 people have already signed a petition calling for a federal investigation into United Airlines
A 'Fight Club' meme slamming United captures a disturbing truth about airlines and people who fly coach


'Airlines have bullied us': Lawyer of the man dragged off United flight slams the industry
Experts: United passenger has a strong legal case
'It's us against them': The man dragged from a United flight is prepping for a legal battle against the airline
Passenger's lawyer: We'll stop 'bully' United
Man dragged from plane prepares to sue United
United Airlines passenger ordeal 'worse than fall of Saigon'
'Horrified and shocked': The daughter of the man dragged off a United flight speaks out
The man dragged off a United flight allegedly needs reconstructive surgery for the injuries he suffered
Wall Street isn't punishing United for dragging passenger David Dao off a plane
United is promising to make major customer service changes
New video shows the moments before police dragged a man off a United flight
David Dao dragged off United flight files court papers


Delhi pollution is so bad, United stopped flying there


Chicago's airport security chief has been fired following the United passenger debacle
United settles with passenger dragged off plane
Passenger dragged off United Airlines plane wins settlement


United Airlines grounded flights over IT glitch


Amazon's Jeff Bezos just explained a key business lesson that could have saved United from its PR fiasco
United passenger dragged off plane speaks out
Chris Christie asked the Trump administration to help stop the United fiasco from happening again
United is rebounding from its PR nightmare selloff
No more forced removals - United Airlines
United Airlines boss Oscar Munoz will not resign
United CEO: We won't let police drag people off planes anymore
UNITED AIRLINES CEO: 'This will never happen on a United Airlines flight again'
UBS: United is going to go a lot higher from here
The man who was dragged off the United flight just took his first step toward filing a lawsuit
There's a lesson for any manager or exec in how United handled its PR nightmare


Paul Pogba may not go to Manchester United because his agent wants a £25 million cut
52 Executives from United Spirits got an annual package of more than Rs 1 crore last year


US cut to United Nations Population Fund 'devastating' for vulnerable


FINALLY - Paul Pogba signs to Manchester United for a record amount of money
Paul Pogba: Manchester United re-sign France midfielder for world-record £89m


United jet catches on fire at Denver airport


Bad news for Manchester United - Chelsea still owns the trademark for 'Jose Mourinho'
Manchester United is the most valuable football club in the world - even though it's hardly winning anything


North Korea hit by new United Nations sanctions


Rafting in the desert in the United Arab Emirates


United offered a free flight to Wendy's 'nugget boy' and it completely backfired


The United States' hopes of co-hosting the 2026 World Cup with Mexico just got a huge boost


Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'How can we get more people to do advanced manufacturing in the United States?'


The 16 largest historic homes in the United States


Paul Pogba's £100 million move to Manchester United looks almost certain


Indicted United Nations official John Ashe dies


Obama takes indirect swipe at Trump in final address before the United Nations


Minnesota United FC makes awesome video spoofing their goalie after his horrific own goal went viral


United Arab Emirates sees rare snowfall


United States to expel 35 Russian diplomats


United Airlines thinks the airline industry's tough year is about to get better


Paddy Ashdown has launched a tech-driven political startup called More United that will crowdfund MPs across all parties


Manchester United is blaming Donald Trump for the club's half-year loss of £29 million - here's why


United Airlines tumbles after announcing a move that could start a price war with low-cost carriers


Manchester United could spend as much as £100 million on one of France's best players


Man United legend Sir Alex Ferguson is backing this 28-year-old to build the 'world's most inclusive bank'


United Airlines under fire for 'barring girls wearing leggings'
People are freaking out that United told women they couldn't wear leggings on a flight - here's what really happened


Jose Mourinho finally speaks at a Manchester United press conference: 'I want everything'
Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Manchester United pay packet is getting killed by Brexit


Meet Samira Asgari, the Iranian scientist banned from entering the United States despite having a valid visa


A couple says they were kicked off a United flight on the way to their wedding
United Airlines changes policy after 'horrific' passenger ordeal
Bernie Sanders weighs in on United scandal, blasts 'dysfunctional' airline practices


14 women who have run for President of the United States
Neptune has spawned a dark vortex the size of the United States
This map shows how divided the United Kingdom is right now


Outraged lawmaker rips into United CEO and other airline execs for 'terrible experience' of flying
Contrite United CEO tells Congress that the 'horrible failure' of passenger being dragged off plane has spurred a 'turning point'


'This is not how a President of the United States behaves': Top senator calls Comey testimony 'disturbing'


United is trying to make flying less of a chore after weathering changes that customers hated
US withdraws funding for United Nations Population Fund
DIMON: 'The United States of America is truly an exceptional country,' but 'something is wrong'


The United States Emirates is building a $354 million city with driverless cars, greenhouses, and solar-powered villas


The United Nations General Assembly by the numbers
United opened a secret, invite-only restaurant hidden in Newark Airport - here's what it's like


Man United fans electrocuted watching game
United CEO Oscar Munoz will not become chairman next year
United Airlines to tie executive pay to customer satisfaction


Could Charlie Gard's case happen in the United States?


Computer problem delays United flights


Apple, IBM, and United Airlines are teaming up to make flying better with new apps


We ate lunch at United Airlines' secret invitation-only restaurant and it takes airport food to a whole new level


Jose Mourinho is about to make his first signing for Manchester United - and it's huge


United Arab Emirates to invest $163bn in renewables


Real Madrid outclass Manchester United


I flew United on the budget ticket that is making some customers furious - here's why I'll never do it again


Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'We know that Apple could only exist in the United States'
United Airlines CEO explains how 'raw and visceral' employee feedback helped turn his company around - and the case for 'basic economy'


United States suspends all Brazilian meat imports


Real Madrid has beaten Manchester United to become the most valuable football team in the world


Pair fired after United Airlines passenger removed
The city of Chicago has fired 2 security officers involved in dragging a man off a United flight


El Faro's 'black box' reaches United States


Here comes United Airlines ...
United Airlines refutes bride and groom's claims that air marshals kicked them off on the way to their wedding


United Airlines to offer up to $10,000 for forfeiting seat
United Airlines just announced 10 major policy changes after a passenger was violently dragged off of its plane
United to offer up to $10K for giving up seat


United Airlines plane forced to land due to passenger's faeces


JOHN KASICH: The United Airlines fiasco went viral because it showed exactly what's wrong in this country
United Airlines investigates giant bunny death
United had more pet deaths in 2016 than any other major US airline


Paul Pogba Manchester United move: Jose Mourinho has admitted that football finance has become 'crazy'


Russian election: Big victory for Putin-backed party United Russia


Paul Pogba cost Manchester United an extra £9 million after Brexit


'Infuriated' United pilots union slams cops for forcibly dragging passenger from plane
United is under fire for denying passengers - but its competitors are even worse
Scorpion stings man on United Airlines flight
United Airlines passenger 'stung by scorpion' on flight
Stung by scorpion on United Airlines plane in Canada


Incredible photos of the solar eclipse across the United States


A phantom goal that helped knock the United States out of the World Cup never should have counted
Chart shows how unlikely the United States' nightmare World Cup scenario was before it came true
The United States is out of the 2018 World Cup with embarrassing loss


This statistic shows why McDonald's is the most popular fast food restaurant in the United States by a long shot
Johnny Depp says a President Trump would be the 'last president of the United States'


United CEO's response to passenger being dragged from plane made it way worse
One of the officers who dragged a United Airlines passenger off a plane has been placed on leave
The man forcibly removed from a United flight went to the hospital for his injuries
United Airlines: Passenger forcibly removed from flight
Here's how airlines like United choose who to kick off of a flight
Passenger dragged from overbooked United flight


A key diplomatic posting is being held up in the Senate - and it could be 'making things more dangerous for the United States'


United made a major change to ensure the nightmare of Flight 3411 doesn't happen again
United had more pet deaths in 2016 than any other major US airline
Etihad’s strategic partner Jet Airways is the United Airlines in India. Here’s why


United Airlines CEO reveals one piece of health advice that saved his life


Here's how you can become the president of the United States with just 22% of the popular vote


United Korea and more at Olympics opening


A United Airlines passenger mysteriously jumped out of the emergency exit of a jet


13 ways other countries are leaving the United States in the dust


Paul Scholes: Pogba would be a waste of money for Manchester United


Rouhani slams Trump in United Nations speech


United Airlines apologizes after sending woman to San Francisco instead of Paris


There's a 'real risk' that Brexit will leave 'the people of the United Kingdom less safe'


United Nations rights panel warns US over racist rhetoric


Snowstorm strikes north-eastern United States


This is a huge deal for the United States


Juventus says Manchester United must pay record-breaking money if it wants Paul Pogba


A powerful Middle Eastern financier and a billionaire football club owner just traded blows over a £350 million deal to buy Premier League team Newcastle United


United Airlines caught up in leggings row


Newcastle United just made Sports Direct billionaire Mike Ashley's year from hell even worse


The United States will probably be a net energy exporter by 2026


This college student has made $300,000 worth of frequent flyer miles for legally hacking United Airways
TRUMP: 'President Barack Obama was born in the United States - period'
Trump campaign: Trump believes Barack Obama was born in the United States


Nigerian Manchester United fans electrocuted watching match


United States and Turkey mutually suspend visa services


Here's how much Louis van Gaal will get paid by Manchester United after they sacked him


United Airlines now beats Southwest in one key area


United was plagued with a huge issue even before dragging a customer off a plane
We know more about the United incident where a passenger was forcibly dragged off a plane


Syria war 'ignored by United Nations'


Here are the coolest 'I Voted' stickers from around the United States


Italian media says Paul Pogba will sign for Manchester United 'in a matter of hours'


Manchester United could be about to spend €100 million on a 23-year old Italian


At least 20 killed in Congo protests, says United Nations


A United Airlines jet narrowly missed a drone just before landing at Newark Liberty International Airport


United Airlines employees are getting new Brooks Brothers uniforms and Tumi bags


Here are the most popular emoji on iPhones in the United States, according to Apple


Manchester United just gave the biggest hint yet that it will sign superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic


The lawyer for the man dragged off a United flight says a lawsuit is coming


United Airlines unveiled new budget tickets - and some customers are furious


Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates introduce VAT for first time


Donald Trump just hired the man behind Citizens United to serve as deputy campaign manager


Jurgen Klinsmann: United States sack former Germany boss


Syria brings 'fake news' to the United Nations


Middle Eastern financier Amanda Staveley reportedly made a £300m bid for Newcastle United


An actress who was on a United Airlines jet says she penned a goodbye letter to her partner during an emergency landing


Donald Trump is a big Andrew Jackson fan - here's how the 7th president of the United States ran the country


This graphic shows just how widespread meth is in the United States


United Airlines CEO: Trump's Mexico wall is 'damning and damaging' to America


The United Auto Workers has filed a federal complaint claiming Tesla fired workers for trying to unionize


United Airlines just banned carry-on bags for certain economy class passengers


North Korea: US seeks tough United Nations approach


Van Jones on standing ovation for fallen SEAL's widow: Trump 'became president of the United States in that moment'


Man United back on top of football's rich list


Here's the salary of every governor in the United States


Ryder Cup 2016: United States beat Europe 17-11 to regain trophy at Hazeltine


United Airlines CEO explains why the Boeing 747 jumbo jet will soon go away


Tail of two cities: United puts rapper's dog on wrong flight


'This is not a selling club that just lets its players go': Paul Pogba's £100 million move to Manchester United is in doubt


United denies freezing giant rabbit to death


The United Airlines boycott is not backing down - here's how it could affect sales


'Emotional support peacock' barred from United Airlines plane
A former US diplomat and NAFTA negotiator tells us the 3 biggest risks Brexit poses to the United States


Meet Nikki Haley, Trump's pick to be the ambassador to the United Nations


Rapper ScHoolboy Q rants at United Airlines as dog misplaced


Manchester United has reportedly sacked Louis van Gaal with an announcement expected Monday


United Breweries asks Vijay Mallya to quit as chairman over a SEBI order


I tried the first self-driving public transit in the United States - and now I'm excited for the future of travel


United Airlines must have paid big bucks for Dr. Dao's silence


Usain Bolt could be switching sports to join one of the biggest football clubs in Europe - and his dream is to sign with Man United


Matt Damon gets kicked out of his United Airlines seat in Jimmy Kimmel's spoof


Injuries from gun violence cost the United States at least $734 million per year


United Health sinks after being sued by the US government


United Airlines just debuted the longest nonstop flight from the US
Paul Manafort was just charged with 'conspiracy against the United States' - here's what that means


The impact of Demonetization: United we never stood, divided we have been dragged into the gutter


United Airlines is fighting back against competition with a stunning new service


Travelling to the United Kingdom just became cheaper


Watch a supporter urge Hillary Clinton to 'sue the United States' over the outcome of the election


The 18 best universities in the United Kingdom


United Airlines grounded a flight after passengers witness jet fuel gushing from the wing