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Devin Nunes is under mounting pressure to release the transcript of a House Intel interview with Fusion GPS


The congressman taking over the Russia probe from Nunes has questioned whether Russia really wanted Trump to win
This ethics complaint is apparently what drove Devin Nunes to finally step aside from the Trump-Russia probe
Nunes steps down from US election Russian hacking probe
Nunes steps down from Trump Russia inquiry


Calls grow for Nunes to step aside in Russia probe


Devin Nunes spoke to Erik Prince about House Intel testimony despite recusal from the Russia probe


Trump-Russia claims: No evidence of collusion - Nunes


Congressman: DOJ was 'forced' to release FBI agents' private texts 'because Devin Nunes was about to subpoena them'


'What the hell is Nunes doing at the White House?': Former top CIA, NSA lawyer stunned House Intel chair shared info with Trump
Devin Nunes apologises to Democrats for surveillance briefing


TOP DEMOCRAT: Devin Nunes has not fully recused himself from the House Russia probe
Devin Nunes approved requests for 'unmaskings' - and now Democrats say he's 'gone rogue'


'Unfit to lead': Democratic members of the House Intelligence Committee start to turn on Devin Nunes


'Congressman Nunes killed that': McCain criticizes top Republican over handling of Russia investigation


Top Republican: Controversy surrounding Susan Rice unmasking was 'created' by Devin Nunes


Devin Nunes appears to be running a 'parallel' Russia probe without Democrats' consent
House Intel Democrat: Devin Nunes is risking the credibility of the Russia probe - and only 1 person can intervene


UFC 213 main event scrapped after champ Amanda Nunes was hospitalized because she 'doesn't feel good'


Devin Nunes attended a breakfast with Flynn and Turkish foreign minister just before the inauguration


'Don't you want to know those things?' Sean Spicer battles CBS reporter over Nunes and Russia investigation


Senate intel leaders just sent a loud message to Devin Nunes and the House intelligence committee
Trump intervened to halt the transfer of a White House aide who later provided Devin Nunes with classified intelligence


Devin Nunes is still reviewing intelligence on Russia after recusing himself