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LeBron James banks in ridiculous 3-pointer to force overtime against Wizards after missing wide open layup seconds before
LeBron James calls reporter 'trash' over report that says he's pushing the Cavaliers to trade Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony


Kyrie Irving gave a passionate explanation of how inspiring it is to work with LeBron James
LeBron James' Herculean effort against the stacked Warriors proved there's still no one better in the NBA


'We know it's bigger than us': LeBron James expands on why he feels compelled to speak on social issues after criticism from Laura Ingraham


LeBron James' feud with Charles Barkley has led to a wild theory for why there is a 'good possibility' he won't play against the Thunder


LeBron James says he was bothered that so few Cavs teammates embraced signing Dwyane Wade: 'F--- it, it is what it is'
LeBron James made an incredible block and then busted out one of the NBA's most famous celebrations


Being black in US tough says LeBron James after racist graffiti
LeBron James: Racism is hidden but alive


The Lakers reportedly don't fully support Luke Walton, and there are whispers that they could target one of LeBron James' favorite coaches


LeBron James threw perhaps the pass of the year, and Dwyane Wade's reaction showed the insanity of it


LeBron James goes on tweet storm after Celtics fans start burning the jerseys of new teammate Isaiah Thomas


LeBron James' teammates call him 'the cheapest guy in the NBA' - but he just bought a $23 million mansion in Los Angeles


LeBron James posted a perplexing meme to Instagram in the midst of disappointing stretch


LeBron James may have a secret advantage in the NBA Finals
LeBron James wanted to make the culture on the Cavs more like the Heat and he got help from an unlikely source
LeBron James had a thoughtful response to the pressure of the Finals, and it shows his head is in the right place


The Lakers may sacrifice one of their best players to pursue a plan next summer that could include signing LeBron James and another star


Kevin Durant and LeBron James have had remarkably similar careers


LeBron James uses these workout classes to keep in shape during the offseason


LeBron James' business partner confirms lifetime deal with Nike is worth over $1 billion


LeBron James' 11-year-old son reportedly already has scholarship offers from both Kentucky and Duke
A simple ranking of LeBron James' priorities and loyalties should scare the bejeezus out of Cleveland Cavaliers fans
LeBron James, king of the NBA, plays 'Destiny'
LeBron James made the Cavs watch this inspirational Steve Jobs speech before Game 3
LeBron James ended his social media blackout with a scathing Instagram post dedicated to his critics
ESPN segment shows the craziest parts of LeBron James' insane, Finals-saving block in Game 7


We tried the pizza chain that LeBron James turned down a $14 million deal with McDonald's for - here's the verdict


LeBron James finally revealed the secret motivation that he said was fueling him to win a championship in Cleveland
Only 3 players in NBA history have won more trophies than LeBron James
LeBron James viciously trolled the Warriors with a well-timed t-shirt choice after winning the NBA Finals
An emotional LeBron James after winning championship: 'CLEVELAND, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU'
LeBron James' son is already being recruited by college basketball teams, and he's only 11
LeBron James saved the Cavaliers with a superhuman play that will go down as one of the greatest blocks in history


WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The players from LeBron James' legendary 2003 NBA Draft


LeBron James robotically recalled the exact details of a play and laughed about his 'crazy' memory


LeBron James had a touching moment with Craig Sager, the sideline reporter working his first NBA Finals while fighting cancer
35-year-old Cavs player describes the tremendous load LeBron James is carrying in the Finals - and he's in awe of it


A look at the weddings of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, LeBron James, and more highly successful people


LeBron James and other NBA stars give moving speech asking athletes to help end gun violence


Here's the diet and workout routine LeBron James uses to stay in insane shape


76ers player blows wide open layup because LeBron James is on his tail


LeBron James goes scorched earth on Charles Barkley, snaps over recent criticism


LeBron James and Sheryl Sandberg reveal secrets that helped them crush their careers on Business Insider's podcast, 'Success! How I Did It' - Here's how to subscribe


LeBron James turned down $10 million from Reebok when he was an 18-year-old high school student
LeBron James made the Cavs watch an inspirational Steve Jobs speech before their epic comeback in the 2016 NBA Finals


LeBron James rips NBA's salary cap, says Stephen Curry should be making $80 million per year


LeBron James accuses Trump of making hate 'fashionable,' after controversial press conference
LeBron James flew to New York for a pickup game that included some of the NBA's biggest stars and one of the top trainers


Donald Trump: LeBron James calls president a 'bum' after Steph Curry comments
LeBron James says Trump is a 'bum' after the president disinvites Steph Curry, Warriors from White House


LeBron James celebrated a huge Ohio State touchdown with a wild dance on the sideline


LeBron James will donate $2.5 million to a new Muhammad Ali exhibit at the Smithsonian


LeBron James threw himself an alley-oop to help lift the Cavs over the Warriors in Game 4 of The Finals


LeBron James had an odd explanation for why he didn't stay with half of his team at a Trump hotel


LeBron James is so obsessed with perfection that he memorized exactly how each one of his teammates likes to catch passes


LeBron James takes immaculate care of his body, and the NBA world is in awe of it


LeBron James has a big reason to have a huge regular season


A Chipotle-style pizza chain endorsed by LeBron James is becoming a huge threat to Domino's and Pizza Hut


Kevin Love had a funny response to the new All-Star Game format that shows how the changes could be awkward for LeBron James and other stars


LeBron James hilariously spoiled the drama over whether the Cavaliers would bring match a fan favorite's $38-million contract offer


LeBron James and Cavs elaborate on relationship with Draymond Green after a social-media war that captivated the NBA world


Here's how LeBron James' reacted to Kevin Durant joining the Warriors


An Uber executive's lawyer invoked LeBron James when asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit from a woman who was raped by an Uber driver
LeBron James and Dwyane Wade had a funny, synchronized reaction to how Kyrie Irving will be received upon returning to Cleveland
LeBron James on his advice to his kids about dealing with police: Be respectful and put your phone on speaker


LeBron James is on pace to play a crazy amount of minutes this season


LeBron James had a great response after Pacers' Paul George chided a teammate for taking and missing a game-winning shot


LeBron James was ejected for the first time in his career and it came against his former team
Enes Kanter escalated his fledgling rivalry with LeBron James by trolling him on Twitter after his first career ejection


Draymond Green mocks LeBron James for seemingly flopping to sell a hard foul after yet another brush-up


LeBron James had a great response when the top pick in the NBA Draft said he couldn't wait to face him
LeBron James will not play in the Olympics and it is a smart decision


An exclusive sneak peek of the game show 'The Wall' from LeBron James


LeBron James' business partner Maverick Carter explains why Phil Jackson's 'posse' comment was 'demeaning'


LeBron James reportedly plays a popular video game to help prepare for the addition of Isaiah Thomas


Inside the marriage of LeBron and Savannah James, who met in high school, had their first date at Outback Steakhouse, and are now worth $86 million


LeBron James gave the entire Cleveland Indians team custom Beats headphones before Game 1 of the World Series


LeBron James mocked the Warriors with a decoration at his Halloween party


LeBron James explained why he left $14 million on the table with McDonald's to back Blaze Pizza - the fastest-growing food chain ever


LeBron James and some of the NBA's biggest stars reportedly have 'disdain' toward Stephen Curry that he doesn't understand


LeBron James issues warning to LaVar Ball: 'Keep my family out of your mouth'
LeBron James has already played more NBA minutes than Michael Jordan did in his entire career


The Warriors' biggest challenge this season underscores how impressive LeBron James' streak has been


WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The players from LeBron James' Miami Heat championship teams


'We're top-heavy as s---': LeBron James blasted the Cavaliers roster after losing for the fifth time in 7 games


There's suddenly buzz that LeBron James to the Warriors could be in play - if they break up their dominant core


The fastest-growing pizza chain in America reveals how it lured LeBron James away from McDonald's


LeBron James trolled the NBA immediately after taking part in its new All-Star draft that almost everyone wanted televised
LeBron James and the Cavaliers are imploding like never before


Grizzlies coach told a great story that shows just how much LeBron James cares about his teammates and coaches


LeBron James reveals the real reason he wore the Ultimate Warrior shirt after winning the NBA Finals


From LeBron James to Jordy Nelson, the surprisingly frugal ways 5 athletes spend their multimillion-dollar paychecks


LeBron James compared Ohio voting for Trump to one of the most infamous draft mistakes in NBA history


Tyronn Lue had a funny reaction when asked a question by a reporter LeBron James had confronted 2 days earlier


The Cavs GM reportedly had an honest sit-down with LeBron James before blowing up the roster during the frenzied trade deadline


Kyrie Irving on why he didn't talk to LeBron James when he requested a trade from Cleveland: 'Why would I have to?'


LeBron James says this play is the most important of his career so far


One of the reinforcements that LeBron James desperately called for on the Cavs broke his leg 58 seconds into his debut
LeBron James says his 12-year-old son is already better in certain ways than he was at his age


LeBron James and Kyrie Irving hugged it out after the intense Cavs-Celtics duel to open the season


Incredible photo shows just how hard LeBron James dunks a basketball
The Cavaliers look a lot like the teams LeBron James has won championships with


LeBron James was reportedly 'surprised' by the dismissal of GM David Griffin


LeBron James, the most influential person in the major swing state of Ohio, endorses Hillary Clinton
LeBron James: Why I'm endorsing Hillary Clinton


Kevin Love had some simple advice for the Cavs' newest sharpshooter on how to play with LeBron James


Warriors players ripped LeBron James for breaking an unwritten rule and baiting Draymond Green with a 'disrespectful' move


The pizza chain backed by LeBron James is close to nabbing a $100 million valuation


Subway rider who got annoyed by being filmed by LeBron James says James nearly elbowed him and he wasn't properly caffeinated
LeBron James and the Knicks are in a war of words after James criticized their draft decision


One incredible sequence shows how LeBron James sees the game unlike anyone in the NBA
LeBron James doesn't want to play 3-on-3 in the Olympics and couldn't even if he wanted to


LeBron James is reportedly 'frustrated' by the Cavaliers' underwhelming offseason


LeBron James and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert's relationship is reportedly 'straining' over how much the team is spending


LeBron James and Kyrie Irving took over in the 24 most important minutes of the season and saved the Cavaliers


The chatter about LeBron James leaving the Cavs for the Lakers is growing


LeBron James pretends to drink fan's beer after getting fouled, doesn't appeared too worried about the Raptors


LeBron James says he doesn't turn on data roaming or pay for apps or music services because he's 'the cheapest guy in the NBA'


LeBron James' biggest flaw 2 years ago has improbably turned into a weapon, and defenses can't stop it


Draymond Green suspended for Game 5 of the NBA Finals for altercation with LeBron James


LeBron James congratulates the Cleveland Indians on their record win streak


LeBron James fixed one of his biggest struggles in Game 3, and it could be a good omen for the Cavaliers


LeBron James is the biggest winner in Dwyane Wade's move to the Chicago Bulls


LeBron James decided to change his shooting motion over the summer to deal with an injury and now he's on fire
LeBron James was as dominant as always in his first start at point guard since 2012


The Cavaliers reportedly believe LeBron James' scathing takedown of the roster was 'brilliant' and had the exact intended result


Draymond Green is in hot water again after a questionable hit and altercation with LeBron James in Game 4


'It was an amazing feat' - LeBron James tells us about his huge comeback


New Celtics Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward joked about how LeBron James 'squashed' their first attempt at teaming up


Memphis Grizzlies coach had an interesting explanation for why LeBron James could never be a coach in the NBA


'Keep that s--- on Twitter' - Kevin Durant dismisses controversy surrounding late no-call against LeBron


LeBron James and his business partner Maverick Carter lashed out at Phil Jackson for being referred to as part of LeBron's 'posse'


LeBron James has made an emphatic change to his game and it laughs in the face of the biggest concern about his season


LeBron James is becoming a free agent for the third year in a row, and his long gamble is close to paying off


After 3 NBA championships, LeBron James shares his best advice on leadership


The Cavaliers spent the season preserving LeBron James, and now it's paying off big time


The NBA's new CBA reportedly tweaked a rule that had foiled LeBron James' plan to sign a $200 million contract, and it could benefit others


Draymond Green continues attack on LeBron James: 'You started the super-team, bro!'
ESPN's 'Around the Horn' spent four minutes debating LeBron James' future based on report from fake NBA insider tweet


Jimmy Butler used a great hypothetical to compare the grueling task of guarding LeBron James or Klay Thompson


Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving appeared to mock LeBron James' workout videos while dancing at a wedding


A fake ESPN story about LeBron James using 'Primal Growth Testosterone' is circulating - and it shows the role the ad industry has in fake news


LeBron James had a boastful response to preparing for one of the Cavaliers' biggest games of the season


LeBron James was reportedly 'devastated' upon learning of Kyrie Irving's trade request


LeBron James went nuts celebrating the Indians' epic 8th inning comeback


LeBron James sucked the life out of the Pacers with an all-time dominant performance to lead the Cavs to a historic comeback


Tension between LeBron James and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is brewing, and the team may be beyond repair


'I am more than an athlete': LeBron James responds to Laura Ingraham who told him to 'Shut up and dribble'


LeBron James visited a children's hospital, and one child asked him to dunk on Lonzo Ball


LeBron James has become the Cavaliers' quarterback


An obscure NBA rule might foil LeBron James' master plan to a sign a monster, $200 million deal


The Cavs are on a roll, and they've turned their season around by using LeBron James in a way the NBA world fears most


LeBron James sounds off on Colin Kaepernick's fight against the NFL: 'It just feels like he's been blackballed'


Dwyane Wade is in a contract tug-of-war, but an NBA insider shot down a rumor that he could reunite with LeBron James in Cleveland


LeBron James will star in the first big ad push for self-driving cars