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Cambridge Analytica: Facebook data row academic says he is 'scapegoat'
Cambridge Analytica's parent company reportedly offered a $1.4 million bribe to win an election for a client
A Facebook investor decided to 'quarantine' the company amid the Cambridge Analytica data scandal
Cambridge Analytica auditors stand down at UK request
The Cambridge Analytica leaker said he never meant to tank Facebook's share price - and denied being 'on a crusade' against it
Cambridge Analytica: The data firm's global influence
As much as $5 billion in Facebook ad revenue is 'at risk' from the Cambridge Analytica crisis
The power players behind Cambridge Analytica have set up a mysterious new data company
A Facebook shareholder launched a lawsuit against the social network over the Cambridge Analytica scandal
Facebook data row: Cambridge Analytica academic a 'scapegoat'
Suspended Cambridge Analytica CEO reportedly used the N-word in an email to describe potential clients


Cambridge Analytica scandal escalates, a Russian hacker is revealed, and Trump's lawyer resigns - catch up on the latest in the Russia investigation
Tim Cook speaks out on the Cambridge Analytica scandal, says Facebook's collection of user data 'shouldn't exist'
The Cambridge Analytica scandal has now reached Theresa May's door


Google secretly acquired a Cambridge startup that can turn screens into speakers
Regeni Egypt murder: Cambridge tutor's data seized


Cambridge Analytica starts bankruptcy proceedings in US


Trump appears to gloat about using Cambridge Analytica to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016
US senators still want Mark Zuckerberg to testify on the Cambridge Analytica scandal under oath
Facebook's Zuckerberg speaks out over Cambridge Analytica 'breach'
Israeli hackers reportedly gave Cambridge Analytica data from private emails of two world leaders
An email exchange provides a glimpse into how Cambridge Analytica and Facebook first responded to what's now a huge data scandal
Cambridge Analytica taken to court over data storage
'I'm really sorry that this happened': Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologizes for the massive Cambridge Analytica data scandal in CNN interview
Facebook users are still skeptical after Mark Zuckerberg finally addresses the Cambridge Analytica scandal
Zuckerberg finally speaks on the Cambridge Analytica scandal: He's willing to testify to Congress, and thinks tech should be regulated
Facebook's Zuckerberg 'sorry' over Cambridge Analytica 'breach'
Cambridge Analytica: What we know so far
Mozilla will pause paying for ads on Facebook because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal


Cambridge Analytica: Facebook data-harvest firm to shut
The Cambridge Analytica power players set up a mysterious new data firm - and they could use it for a 'Blackwater-style' rebrand
Investigators warn Cambridge Analytica bosses that they can run, but they can't hide


The FTC is reportedly investigating Facebook over its use of people's personal data in wake of Cambridge Analytica scandal
All the times Cambridge Analytica gave brazenly contradictory accounts of its murky work on Brexit
Cambridge Analytica: Warrant sought to inspect company
Cambridge Analytica: Facebook 'being investigated by FTC'
Analysts described 3 main risks to Facebook from the Cambridge Analytica scandal


Facebook users are mad as hell over the Cambridge Analytica scandal
Facebook's rep has taken a hit from the Cambridge Analytica scandal - but its ad business hasn't


Cambridge scientists consider fake news 'vaccine'


Cambridge Analytica-linked firm 'boasted of poll interference'
New details emerge about Steve Bannon's ties to Cambridge Analytica as he seeks to distance himself from the firm


Eight weeks after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook's stock price bounces back to where it was before the controversy


Cambridge Analytica's parent company claimed it invented the tough guy image that got Rodrigo Duterte elected
Sheryl Sandberg says Facebook knew about Cambridge Analytica two-and-a-half years ago but they didn't check


Facebook handed over data to the man it now blames for the Cambridge Analytica scandal
Investors are dying to know if the Cambridge Analytica scandal means people use Facebook less


Amazon is going to help fund a small number of aspiring female engineers through Cambridge


Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie supports a second Brexit referendum - here's why


An intern at the Trump campaign data firm, Cambridge Analytica, left sensitive voter targeting tools online for nearly a year


University of Cambridge academics: Treasury's Brexit forecasts 'have little basis in reality'


A Cambridge entrepreneur who played a key role in Amazon Alexa has backed a London art startup


Amazon lifts the lid on its secret delivery drone lab in Cambridge
Cambridge has opened a new £10 million research facility to study the impact of AI on humanity


A Cambridge cybersecurity startup that's full of spies just raised $65 million


The inspiring life of 22-year-old Jayavel - From begging on the streets of Chennai to studying at Cambridge University


Duchess of Cambridge pregnant with third child


Trump-linked firm Cambridge Analytica collected personal information from 50 million Facebook users without permission


Prince William triumphs over Duchess of Cambridge in boat race


Facebook will label all political ads in the UK as it tries to clean up the Cambridge Analytica mess
Facebook has found 'connections' between Canadian ad firm AggregateIQ and Cambridge Analytica


The Scottish government believes the Cambridge Analytica scandal could trigger a second Brexit referendum
Facebook is shutting down the use of third party data for ad targeting as part of its Cambridge Analytica cleanup


Facebook suspends controversial data-analysis firm Cambridge Analytica from its platform


Campaign chief with ties to Cambridge Analytica compared Trump propaganda tactics to Hitler
Second Cambridge Analytica whistleblower says 'sex compass' app gathered more Facebook data beyond the 87 million we already knew about


Apple is growing the size of its Siri team in Cambridge


Facebook is reportedly delaying the launch of its smart speaker because of the disastrous Cambridge Analytica scandal
Emails link Peter Thiel's Palantir and Eric Schmidt's daughter to Facebook's Cambridge Analytica fiasco
Facebook is overhauling its privacy settings in response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal


A rail link between Oxford and Cambridge could help create a massive tech hub in the UK


Facebook: Cambridge Analytica warning sent to users
Facebook data: How it was used by Cambridge Analytica
Cambridge Analytica whistleblower says both Congress and Mueller have asked to talk to him about the Facebook scandal and Trump


This Cambridge security startup now has a billionaire, an ex-MI5 chief and an ex-CIA tech leader on its board


A venture capital fund founded by Cambridge University is considering an IPO


A Facebook app developer laid out how the company is massively underplaying the risk of another Cambridge Analytica data scandal
Facebook is investigating another app created by Cambridge University academics after it hoovered up the data of millions of users


William Tunstall-Pedoe: The Cambridge AI guru who taught Amazon's Alexa how to talk


The Cambridge Analytica data breach also harvested people's private Facebook messages


We finally have an answer about Cambridge Analytica's murky work on Brexit - but mystery still lingers


The Cambridge Analytica data probably isn't on the dark web - but more dangerous personal information might be


Apple has a secret Siri lab in Cambridge


The Trump campaign is scrambling to distance itself from Cambridge Analytica amid Assange-Hillary Clinton email flap


Afghanistan to Cambridge


Steve Bannon blames Brits educated at Oxford and Cambridge for the Facebook data scandal
Steve Bannon claims he came up with Cambridge Analytica's 'amazing' name


Christopher Wylie, the 28-year-old whistleblower of the Trump-linked data firm Cambridge Analytica, says his Facebook account has been disabled


Exclusive: EU warns that Facebook's Cambridge Analytica crisis is the 'tip of an iceberg' of data scandals


India says it will continue probe despite Cambridge Analytica shutdown


The data scientist behind the Cambridge Analytica scandal did paid consultancy work for Facebook and has close ties to staff
The man at the centre of the Facebook data scandal says it's 'nonsense' that Cambridge Analytica got Trump elected


The backlash that never happened: New data shows people actually increased their Facebook usage after the Cambridge Analytica scandal


The University of Cambridge is planning one of the most expensive business degrees in the world


Oxford and Cambridge are losing AI researchers to DeepMind


It looks like Apple hasn't integrated a Cambridge startup's voice recognition tech into Siri, despite acquiring it a year ago


Cambridge University's first crypto academic on 'crypto dog years,' why economists like Paul Krugman and Nouriel Roubini are wrong, and why he's joining Blockchain


Giulio Regeni murder: Italy to quiz Cambridge tutor over Egypt death